Race for Rome Monthly Top 10 Prize Winners

In anticipation of this year’s Summit in Rome, Italy, we’re celebrating the top achievers each month and rewarding their hard work with some top-end prizes! Of course, these fantastic prizes are in addition to the extra cash up for grabs in the Race for Rome promotion.
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Congratulations to our March winners:

1. Vincenzo Capuano (Italy) •17,474 points - 3-night hotel accommodations + Summit registration
2. Manfred Kelbic (Austria) •8,274 points• iPad Mini + Summit registration
3. Inga Marja Sarre (Norway)5,886 points• iPod Touch + Summit registration
4. Karl Tappauf (Austria) 5,124 points iPod Nano + Summit registration
5. Helena Hemming (Finland) 4,232 points iPod Shuffle + Synergy workout towel + Summit registration
6. Hege Mari Finnanger (Norway) 4,038 points Synergy Sample Pack—includes one ProArgi-9+, one e9, one Mistify, one PhytoLife and one SLMsmart Meal Replacement
7. Maria Cristina Rigoli (Italy) 3,820 points V3 System
8. Mari-Louise Strandberg (Finland) 3,778 points 2 SLMsmart + 1 e9
9. Gerald Krampl (Austria) 3,674 points Synergy padfolio + Synergy pen
10. Carlo Capuano (Italy) 3,670 points Synergy TRIMR bottle + Synergy hat

Thank you to all of our participants; your hard work is greatly appreciated and we can’t wait to congratulate you in person at Summit 2015!

We hope to see your name ranked No. 1 in next month’s final Top 10 list. Be sure to check back to see if you’re one of our April winners.

Keep up the momentum and we will see you in Rome for Summit 2015!



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