SLM 10 Club Spotlights

Celebrating Success with SLMsmart

In the first round of Synergy WorldWide’s SLM 10 Club promotion 19 individuals in Europe activated 10 or more people on SLMsmart Activation Packs. When SLMsmart and e9 were launched in September 2014, these individuals took the challenge to share these new products with family, friends and acquaintances, and max out their business potential. We are so proud of each of our Team Members who achieved this great goal and we are excited to see more join the SLM 10 Club in 2015. Click here to learn more about SLMsmart promotions.

Three of our qualifiers shared their SLM 10 Club stories with us, offering insight and inspiration that will help you sponsor more people on SLMsmart packs.

Giuseppe Lucio
Team Elite, Italy

The SLM 10 Club Promotion helped Giuseppe Lucio reach new heights with his business. His belief in the integrity of the products, combined with the opportunity that the SLMsmart promotions presented, encouraged him to push himself toward his goals.

“On a personal level, I have seen great change in my life,” he said. “Being recognized through promotions for what you do is always a good thing. Businesswise, we can only get stronger with these promotions in place!”

Giuseppe’s dedication definitely has not gone unnoticed. As Giuseppe achieves new pin titles and Synergy awards he becomes even more motivated to share his passion for the Synergy business model.

To those wishing to make it into the SLM 10 Club, Giuseppe advises, “Don’t do it now, do it yesterday!”

Luis Quesada
Team Leader, Spain

Since the SLMsmart launch, Luis Quesada and Cristina Cabñero have seen their Synergy business drastically increase. They exceeded the SLM 10 Club requirements by activating 12 new customers and distributors on SLMsmart packs. Luis said that all 12 individuals have seen positive results since they began using SLMsmart Meal Replacement and e9.

“I believe this is the type of product the Spanish market needs,” Luis said. “(SLMsmart) has given me a big boost, both on a personal and a professional level.”

His personal success and his genuine interest in helping others improve their lives has been a contributing factor to his rapid business growth. He has set his sights on reaching Team Manager within the next three months, and said achieving his rank advancements goals has become easier thanks to SLMsmart and e9. Overall, Luis, Cristina, and those they have sponsored, have been very satisfied with their weight loss results, even making it through the holidays without gaining weight.

Mirka Sedmak
Gold, Slovenia

Initially, Mirka Sedmak was attracted to Synergy WorldWide because of the SLMsmart weight management system. Since Mirka was already passionate about SLMsmart Meal Replacement, the SLM 10 Club promotion added extra incentive for her to share her personal success with others and inspire them to make healthy changes in their own lives. She created a complementary support program designed to keep participants that she sponsored on track.

During the 90-day Challenge, Mirka’s participants met regularly to offer encouragement and track their weight and measurement changes, which made the experience more fun and helped participants finish the challenge. SLMsmart promotions have inspired Mirka to challenge herself to lose 10% of her body weight using SLMsmart Meal Replacement and to grow her Synergy business to a point that will allow her to work full time sharing Synergy’s products and opportunity.



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