Kickoffs Prove that Western Europe is Ready for a Landmark 2015!

Over the weekend of January 16th & 17th, nearly 300 UK & Ireland Team Members made the 2015 Kickoffs bigger and better than ever before, significantly increasing the attendances of last year’s Kickoff events!

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These Team Members gathered in Dublin and Heathrow ready to listen, learn and prepare for the new year. The events began with the Synergy Advantage presentation for recent Synergy distributors and guests in the audience. This introduction led into the highlighted speakers of the 2015 Kickoff events.

Attendees first heard from Wynne Roberts, Synergy’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, who talked passionately about the exciting developments Synergy WorldWide can expect to see in 2015. UK Team Members were thrilled to hear from Synergy’s new CEO for the first time in the market. Wynne was followed by Mark Comer, a Double Presidential Executive from Utah, who encouraged Team Members to keep building their belief, duplicate sponsorships in their teams and create urgency in growing their business and achieving their goals in 2015. His words inspired many to go home and really get to work!

Rob Lord, General Manager for Western Europe, gave an overview of the 2015 promotions, including the continuation of the 2x2 Builder Bonus and the SLMsmart promotions.

He then announced the exciting local Team Manager Academy promotion that qualifies Team Members at 10,000 CV or 20,000 CV on their weak leg (depending on their current title) with a minimum 5,000 CV increase!

Together, UK and Ireland Team Members committed to having at least 300 people present at the Rome Summit in September 2015…and they pre-registered 51 people at the Kickoff events! The Race for Rome promotion promises to be very lucrative indeed for those Team Members who start growing their business fast this year.

Thank you to everyone who attended these great Kickoff events in Heathrow and Dublin, you truly made these spectacular events. Get ready for a year with Synergy that will go down in the history books!



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