Congratulations 2015 Legacy Retreat Qualifiers!

Fifteen admirable and hard-working Team Members and Team Member duos from Europe will be packing their bags for Dubai and leaving January 11 for a five-day all-inclusive destination getaway to applaud them for an incredibly successful 2014. 

What’s even more exciting is that 10 of these qualifiers are attending for their first time—well done!

These individuals have achieved high pin titles and helped many on their teams do the same. These are Synergy’s strongest business builders.

Congratulations to our first-time qualifiers:

Giuseppe Lucio, Italy
Knut Inge Busk, Norway
Robert Suppan, Austria
Tor Gunnar Standahl, Norway
Sirpa Heikkinen Ääniaallotar, Finland
Jens Tamlagsroenning, Norway
Kristiina Laihi, Finland
Galyna Rajala, Finland
Anna-Maija ja Hannu Kreivi, Finland
Elfriede Tappauf, Austria
Pernille Rustand, Norway

Congratulations to our alumni qualifiers:

Hakan Cetin, Germany
Martin Oestvang, Norway
Eric & Kati Gammals, Finland
Franz Friess & Ana Vajda-Friess, Austria
Susanne Kupske, Germany

Each of you are in for a well-deserved and unbelievable trip! Be sure to take plenty of photos and have the vacation of your life.

Start working now to qualify for Legacy Retreat 2016!



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