Summit 2021 agenda

Our long-awaited Summit is almost here, and we want to share some insights with you. Get ready to learn, enjoy and have fun with us!

FRIDAY (18.00 – 20.00 GMT) - 12.11.2021

SUMMIT 2021 WELCOME  Staff and Advisory Board 
BE A FORCE: Team Member Story  Martin Østvang (Pearl Executive)
RELAUNCHING SYNERGY EUROPE – Lynn Ohman (Director Exec, Europe & Wholesale)
RECOGNITIONS – European Sales Directors 
PRIZE DRAW AND PRIZES  Mhari Oakes (UK and Ireland Sales Director) 
BE A FORCE: INTERVIEW  Kim and Simon Bradley (Advisory Board member)
NEW BEGINNINGS  Bryant Yates (Executive Vice President, President Europe)

*We want you to participate, keep your eye on the blog to learn more soon. 

SATURDAY – Part 1 (12.00 – 15.00 GMT) - 13.11.2021

BE A FORCE: Team Member Story – Irene Länkinen (Team Member)
- Lynn Ohman (Director Exec, Europe & Wholesale)
- Alida Husby (European Marketing Manager) 
- Kim and Simon Bradley (Advisory Board member)
- Espen Frydenberg (Northern Europe Sales Director)
- Mads Østvang (Advisory Board member)
- Jason Smoot (Marketing Project Manager)
- Bostjan Pilej (Advisory Board member)
RECOGNITION – European Sales Directors 
COMPENSATION PLAN TRAINING – Eric Gammals (Advisory Board member)
SYNERGY WORLDWIDE – Dan Higginson (Synergy WorldWide Founder)
BE A FORCE: Team Member Story – Cornelia Haas (Team Member)
PANEL: Synergy Business Opportunity
- Espen Frydenberg (Northern Europe Sales Director)
- Mads Østvang (Advisory Board member) 
- Bostjan Pilej (Advisory Board member)
- Teri Rigby (Advisory Board member)
YOGA & MEDITATION – Kati Gammals (Advisory Board member)
RECOGNITION – European Sales Directors 

BREAK – 2 hours 
With activities for networking, quizzes and more fun surprises!

SATURDAY – Part 2 (17.00 - 20.00 GMT) - 13.11.2021

- Adele Pastore (Southern Europe Sales Director)
- Mhari Oakes (UK and Ireland Sales Director)
- Espen Frydenberg (Northern Europe Sales Director)
BE A FORCE: Team Member Story  Robert Grant (Team Member)
BRAND AWARENESS  Alida Husby (European Marketing Manager)
BE A FORCE: Team Member Story – Gloria Cinetto (Team Member)
PANEL: New Products and Tools 
- Marcin Jez (Central Europe Sales Director)
- Susanne Kupske (Advisory Board member)
- Robert Suppan (Advisory Board member)
- Simon Bradley (Advisory Board member)
BEING A FORCE: Making an Impact
- Lynn Ohman (Director Exec, Europe & Wholesale)
- Mhari Oakes (UK and Ireland Sales Director)
GUEST SPEAKER – Dianne Leavitt (Double Presidential Executive)
LEGACY AWARDS – European Sales Directors and corporate 
BE A FORCE  Terrence Moorehead (CEO)

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Let’s help UNICEF together and make a difference! 

Let’s walk together towards the Summit 2021! Join Synergy WorldWide in partnership with Impact Foundation to benefit UNICEF.

Giving back to our communities and helping those in need is an important part of Synergy WorldWide and what we stand for. As we prepare for Summit, let’s Step On & Step Up together for a great cause.

Summit content-contributions reminder
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