Upcoming Spring Fling - Agenda Highlights

The upcoming online Spring Fling event is taking place 5th of May! Come celebrate Synergy, learn about products and what sets Synergy Worldwide apart! Hosted by independent distributor Teri Rigby (Pearl Executive) & co-host Jon Burgess (Team Manager). Together with participation and support from leaders across Europe, you are in for a special treat. 

On the agenda

Trent McCausland (Executive Director, Operations & Supply Chain) together with other wonderful people in the team, will share some of the many reasons they love Synergy.

You will learn about our Flagship products ProArgi-9+ and E9 from Team Leaders; Keith Robinson, Martina Kodrun, Liz James and Teri Rigby. In addition, you will hear from Sue Thomas & Jon Burgess. 

Last, but not least, a special person will be introduced by Lynn Ohman (Executive Director for Europe & Wholesale). Get ready for lots of fun, educational bits, a surprise or two, and most importantly join in to experience first hand what the Synergy community is all about. 

Date: 5th May, 2021

Zoom Meeting ID: 768 707 5074

Time: 7.30 pm - 21.00pm (GMT) 

Remember join early as the event will start promptly at 7.30pm.



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