Synergy Spotlight Stories: Jon Burgess

"Jon is a very valuable and popular member of our UK Team and I know he has Big Goals for himself and his Team members. Jon is one of the driving forces of our current UK growth and I know his Business will reach new heights this year.  Congratulations Jon, I know you'll reach every one of your goals!!" Teri Rigby (Pearl Executive)

How were you introduced to Synergy and why did you decide to build a business?
I was introduced to Synergy through their Parent Company Nature's Sunshine Products which I had worked with for 10 Years. I decided to build a Synergy Business because I love network marketing. I'm also very passionate about helping people enjoy the benefits of better health and vitality 

Which is your favourite product and why?
ProAargi9 - the single best supplement I have ever taken! I love the multiple benefits it gives and I feel mentally and physically super charged taking it. 

What is a typical day for you when you are building your Synergy business?
At the moment I’m investing a lot of hours  from 9.30am - 5pm as well as some evenings.  I’m helping and supporting customers, training and educating my Team Members, 3 way calls, delivering webinars, product and business training.  I'm super busy right now.

How many hours do you work it each week?
Recently FULL TIME! It's increased as my Business has grown. Certainly 40hrs per week and especially currently with so much growth and activity happening. 

What would you say has been the biggest factor in your success so far?
A few key things. Investing in self-development. Confidence and belief. Creating systems for my Team to follow and therefore making it duplicatable.  

Has your sponsor and upline been a support to you in building your business?
The Business Course 'Path To Prosperity' and Product Training Events that my up-line has organized have been very supportive and have helped my Business. Also contributions from some of my US up-line.

What key activities do you regularly engage in to help members of your team to grow their business?
I hold a regular weekly meeting for my Team, monthly power hour calls, I do one to one coaching calls with my Team to help them track their Business and help them keep accountable.

What goals have you reached so far and which ones are you working towards at the moment?
The goal last year was to achieve the top tier of the Customer Care Bonus every month in 2020, which I did. At the moment I'm working towards Team Director - its full steam ahead!  I have bigger goals  but my immediate Goal is to achieve Team Director as soon as possible.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone new joining Synergy, what would you tell them?
1.  Believe in yourself
2.  Learn from Successful people
3.  Be Consistent
4.  Be Brave



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