Spring Board to Summit calls

Join Dan Higginson, Paul Blad, Rudy Pedroza and many more inspirational leaders on the Synergy Business Accelerator Springboard to Summit calls from 9th – 12th July at 8pm.

The Synergy Worldwide European Summit in Torino is just around the corner – get your sneak peak into what will be happening at this exciting and business packed event by joining the Springboard to Summit calls happening throughout the week beginning 9th July in the UK.

The Springboard to Summit calls have been set up and are hosted by the Synergy Business Accelerator leadership team in the UK comprising of Kim and Simon Bradley, Jon Burgess and Sue Thomas.

The calls will take place every evening of the week at 8pm BST, Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th July and are open to all team members across Europe.

Join the calls to find out more about the summit and be inspired to attend this incredible event in Torino! Hear from top leaders such as Rudy Pedroza, Paul Blad, Bart Woodcook and many more!

We will also be joined by Synergy corporate executives including Dan Norman, Carmelo D’Anzi, Rob Lord and Dan Higginson (Founder), who will share insights into what Synergy Worldwide have in store to make this the biggest and best summit yet!

If team members are undecided about whether to attend the summit these calls will give them the motivation needed to help them make the right decision.

Make sure you and all your team are on the calls, and let’s build the excitement to Torino.

Click this link to register and join the calls at 8pm BST 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th July.

What: Synergy Business Accelerator Spring Board to summit calls
When: 8PM, Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th July.
Where: Goto webinar – click to register and join -
Hosts: Synergy Business Accelerator UK Leadership team
For: All European team members

For more information contact one of the hosts:
Kim Bradley: kim@alloverhealth.co.uk
Simon Bradley: simon@alloverhealth.co.uk
Sue Thomas: sue@synergyelitehealth.co.uk
Jon Burgess: jonburgess@believe2achieve.co.uk



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