Paralympic Record Holder Believes in the Power of Synergy Products

Born with cerebral palsy, Tony Griffin of Bolton, United Kingdom, has never viewed himself as disabled. His mother wouldn’t allow it. Growing up with this mindset plays a big part in Tony’s success professionally, academically, and athletically.

Tony holds two Paralympic track world records—one in the javelin throw and one in India club throw—and has two gold medals to show for it. He competed in the 1976, 1980, and 1984 Paralympic Games and has collected a total of 38 medals in both throwing events over the years. As if these accomplishments weren’t impressive enough, Tony also has a Paralympic silver medal in powerlifting.

Many may say that Tony’s mental strength is equally as impressive as his physical strength. Being a doctor of science, Tony was recently bestowed an honorary doctorate degree from Bolton University for his contribution to athletics.

Living with cerebral palsy in addition to having lofty athletic goals has made health maintenance a constant focus in Tony’s life. He continues to take his health seriously even decades after his Paralympic glory days, which is why he relies on Synergy products, including Mistify, e9, ProArgi-9+, and Phytolife. He has noticed a difference in his energy levels and the way he is able to perform on a daily basis.

“Synergy products provide the natural nutrients that the body thrives on,” Tony said. “This is what I believe makes Synergy products so life changing.”

Married with six children, Tony now spends his days inspiring others to aim high despite their limitations. In 2009 he was named Bolton’s Sports Ambassador, which gives him more opportunities to inspire individuals with and without disabilities. He is truly an individual everyone should try to emulate and Synergy is proud to have an advocate like Tony sharing his belief in the product with all he meets.



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