Kickoff 2017 in Dublin!

Ireland is kicking off the biggest year in Synergy Europe history with a major celebration—Kickoff 2017. With new products and a new system launching in 2017 along with new digital tools and a completely new messaging platform, Synergy WorldWide will be transformed and we want you to be ready!

This is why you must begin this paramount year by attending Kickoff 2017 on JANUARY 12th in DUBLIN.

Ireland’s Kickoff event will focus heavily on the new Purify Kit, including in-depth product training, an understanding of the Microbiome as a whole and the knowledge required to create a lucrative business using this system.


Dr. Matthew Tripp: Nature’s Sunshine Products and Synergy WorldWide’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp is this year’s featured guest. He is the innovative mind behind the creation of the Purify Kit and is the best source for detailed knowledge on how the Purify Kit products work individually and synergistically to purify, cleanse and balance the microbiome and help you unlock your potential.

Carmelo D’Anzi: Carmelo is Synergy WorldWide’s Vice President of Europe and will be traveling from Synergy Europe Headquarters in Barcelona to help Synergy Ireland gear up for an incredible 2017. His insights and experience will provide the inspiration you’re looking for to reach the next level in your business.


Date: Thursday, January 12, 2017
Time: 7.30p.m.
Venue: Green Isle Hotel, Dublin

FREE to attend

We look forward to our Ireland team gathering together to prepare for another great year!



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