Introducing Europe’s Elite Honors Founders!

Summit 2015 was a game-changing event thanks to the launch of Elite Honors, an earnings model that creates a financial roadmap to success for Synergy Team Members. By following this roadmap, Team Members can maximize their earnings potential, create a long-term residual income, and sustain a strong, fruitful Synergy business for decades to come.

Click here to learn how to become Elite Honors Qualified and earn a Go Elite bonus.

Before Elite Honors made its appearance in Rome, Synergy executives challenged leaders throughout Europe to become Elite Honors Qualified before Summit 2015. An impressive number completed the task at hand and many have already qualified for the second month.

Thank you to the dozens of exemplary leaders who pave the way for Synergy’s success! Follow in these leaders’ footsteps and the rewards will come.

Congratulations Elite Honors Founders!


Robert Suppan
Franz Friess
Helmut Jelinek


Eric & Kati Gammals
Miimu Jaatinen
Kristiina Laihi  
Mervi & Janne Korkeakangas
Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi
Ajasta Parkkola
Sirpa Heikkinen Ääniaallotar
Galyna Rajala
Arja Tolvanen
Pirjo Martinez
Reijo Ojanen & Salme Ala-Heikkilä


Hakan Cetin
Pierre Bruns
Susanne & Thorsten Kupske
Michael & Claudia Wald
Manfred Meier
Matthias Nowack
Vital Power Herrmann
Jan Kupske

Anna Margrét Bjarnadottir
Siggadora Matthiasdottir


Giuseppe Lucio
Claudio Luongo
Maurizio Biasci
Ivan Costabile
Raimondo Barone
Gianni Mazza
Annalisa Quadrelli & Marco Malossi
Grazia & Giancarlo Genazzano
Giuseppina Renna


Mads Østvang
Martin Østvang
Stefan Patrik Kristoffersen & Oistein Bekkvang
Reidun Lydersen Dalheim
Glenn Skamsar
Tor Gunnar Standahl
Stein Magne Osmoen
Anne Katrine Skillebreid


Joanna & Wieslaw Janikowscy




Mariano delCastillo
Marilo Cebreros
Luis Quesada & Cristina Cabañero


Heidi Byrkjeland
Hans Swärd

United Kingdom

Liz James
Steven J. Innes

Septembers’ Elite Honors Qualifiers will be announced in October! Will your name be on the list?



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