Elite Honors: Synergy’s Financial Roadmap

At Synergy, we value recognizing and rewarding those who are working consistently to create a stable foundation on which they can build a profitable business. For this purpose, the Elite Honors business model launched at Summit 2015 was created to unify business building efforts across Europe.

Become Elite Honors Qualified

All Team Members are encouraged to set a goal to become Elite Honors Qualified (EHQ) in order to maximize Synergy’s Compensation Plan. You can become Elite Honors Qualified each month by fulfilling these qualification requirements:

  • Be a Synergy Team Member on Autoship 
  • Sign up 600 CV on Tracking Center 1 (TC 1 includes personal volume and customer volume)
  • Sign up 200 CV in new activation volume (sign up one new Synergy Team Member)

Elite Honors Club

When you have successfully completed all Elite Honors qualifications, you become a member of the Elite Honors Club. You will be awarded for this great achievement the first month that you qualify. As you continue achieving Elite Honors, month after month, you will be eligible for different rewards based on the number of months qualified. Qualify for 1, 3 or 9 months in a year (months do not need to be consecutive) and you will earn the following:

EHQ 1 month
  • Elite Honors pin
  • Synergy blog recognition

EHQ 3 months
  • Elite Honors Club Platinum Card
  • Early event registration access
  • Preferred event seating
  • VIP store checkout
  • Featured in Legacy eMagazine

EHQ 9 months:
  • Elite Honors Club lounge at events
  • Elite Honors Club jacket
  • Featured on corporate website

Go Elite Promotion

As an Elite Synergy business owner, we want to reward you for not only becoming Elite Honors Qualified yourself, but for teaching others the value of following the Elite Honors earning model. Through the Go Elite bonus, you have the opportunity to earn a monthly bonus based on how many Elite Honors Qualifiers you sponsor. These qualifiers can be both new and old Synergy Team Members.

Here is what you could earn by helping others become Elite Honors Qualified:

Sponsor 2 qualifiers: £185
Sponsor 4 qualifiers: £375
Sponsor 10 qualifiers: £900

Track your progress by using the Elite Honours Worksheet.

This promotion is available September 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016. There is no limit to how many months you can earn this bonus within the promotion period.

Now, it’s time to get to business building! We can’t wait to reward and recognize our first successful group of Elite Honors Qualifiers.



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