Take the SLMsmart Activation Challenge!

Your business potential just multiplied. SLMsmart Meal Replacement is officially available in all markets and now gives you a stake in the weight loss industry, opening your business to new customers and distributors. Major growth is within reach, and Synergy will reward you as you make this growth a reality!

Introducing the SLMsmart Activation Challenge! October 1, 2014 – February 28, 2015, Synergy will pay two separate bonuses for those actively sponsoring and building with the 200 or 500 CV SLMsmart Activation Pack.

Bonus #1: SLMsmart Activation Bonus

For every 3 new distributors/customers you sponsor with the SLMsmart Activation 200 or 500 CV Pack, Synergy will reward you with an £81 SLMsmart Activation Bonus. This bonus will continue to be paid for each additional three individuals sponsored with the same pack. There is no limit to the number of times you can earn a SLMsmart Activation bonus each month.

Sponsors MUST submit the SLMsmart Activation Challenge form to Customer Service with their group’s information in order to claim the SLMsmart Activation Bonus.

→ SLMsmart Activation Challenge Form

Note: The SLMsmart Activation Bonus is only paid when you successfully sponsor in increments of 3.

Bonus #2: SLMsmart Challenge Bonus

Commit your newly sponsored members to participate in a 90-day challenge and purchase at minimum the 120 CV Autoship SLMsmart Pack for two consecutive months after their activation order and Synergy will pay you a £162 SLMsmart Challenge Bonus.

Sponsors MUST submit the SLMsmart Activation Challenge form to Customer Service in order to claim the SLMsmart Challenge Bonus at the end of the 90-day period.

→ SLMsmart Activation Challenge Form 

Encourage everyone to take the 90-Day SLMsmart Challenge and experience healthy weight loss and weight maintenance!

Example: Eric has two groups of three who he sponsored with SLMsmart Activation 200 CV Packs. One group of three made the initial activation orders and all three members made the additional orders for following two consecutive months. The second group made the activation orders, but only two of the three ordered the 120 CV packs in the two months following and completed the 90-day Challenge. Erich earned £243 for the first group, and £81 for the second group. Unfortunately, he did not receive the £162 SLMsmart Challenge bonus for the second group.

Please Note:

  • If an individual in one of your trios decides to discontinue the challenge, they can be replaced by an individual signed up for the SLMsmart Activation Pack that is not in a completed trio yet. However, you must fill out a SLMsmart Activation Challenge form to add a new individual to one of your trios.
  • Each individual that you sign up in this challenge must have an active autoship template.
  • You must have an autoship order of at least 120CV to qualify for SLMsmart Activation Challenge bonuses.

There are no limits to this bonus! The more groups of three you sign up and keep on the SLMsmart Challenge for the full 90-day period, the happier your bank account will be.



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