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Can you remember a time in your life when you felt invincible? A time when you’ve been extremely proud of your body’s overall performance? Chances are these times were balanced by good nutrition, exercise, and low stress levels.

Unfortunately, when life throws a curve ball and disrupts your routine, nutrition is often the first thing to suffer.

Synergy’s V3 System is your support system. It’s a product line designed to preserve long-term wellness that carries you through all your body’s highs and lows. The system’s three products—Mistify, PhytoLife and ProArgi-9+—are pure, safe products that collectively support you in your journey toward maintaining an active, capable and thriving body.

Together, these products build, sustain and enhance your body’s performance levels. Each scientifically formulated product targets a vital system that contributes to your overall health, ultimately creating balance and long-term wellness.

Build: Mistify is a liquid supplement infused with a variety of nutritious berries, such as Acai, as well as Vitamin B6 and Green Tea Extract. One sip of Mistify is an explosion of antioxidant rich nutrition that delivers support to the body’s psychological and red blood cell functions.  By consistently building your body with Mistify, you may find that your body is standing up for itself.

Sustain: By sustaining your body, you commit to give it the necessities of life that it craves. PhytoLife does just this as a cleansing and deodorizing supplement formulated with a rich combination of chlorophyllin and peppermint oil. With this supplement, you provide each element of your body with the support needed to carry you through the day. Make PhytoLife part of your daily regimen for sound digestive health.

Enhance: ProArgi-9+ is a supplement that showcases the amino acid L-arginine as well as Vitamins B6, C and D. These ingredients contribute to healthy circulatory, nervous and immune systems, working with both Mistify and PhytoLife to carry vital nutrients to every organ and system in the body. No matter where you are in reaching your health goals, ProArgi-9+ can be a force in taking you to the next level of wellness by enhancing your body’s total performance.

While each product caters to specific health needs, each works tirelessly to build, sustain and enhance by strengthening weak areas and making strong areas fierce. When used together, the products support and amplify the others’ effectiveness.

Free yourself from the boundaries that poor health creates. With Synergy’s V3 System, you can maintain nutritional balance and achieve a long-term state of well-being that is complete.



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