Anyone Can Build a Synergy Business. How Much Will Be Yours?

At Synergy, we have no boundaries; we have Team Members with different social standings, economic statuses, national origins, political preferences, religions and education. There are so many differences among them. But one common trait is that they are all passionate about our products and compensation plan – that is universal!

How did we get all of these different people? Through somebody who knew somebody, who knew somebody, who knew somebody. Synergy is a business for everyone, not just those with an MBA! Corporations are getting bigger, the rich are getting richer and it’s a lot tougher for the “average person” to get ahead than it used to be. Synergy provides a way for anyone to own their own business and be in charge of their own legacy.

Synergy doesn't depend on brand recognition; it depends on exceptional products, and we tell people why these products are better. We aren’t limited to a 30-second advertisement. We reach new customers through friends, neighbours, a friend of a friend; someone who has credibility with them. And the big corporations have no way to beat that. The whole marketplace is yours for the taking if you want it!  If you are building a Synergy business, the only decision you have to make is how big is it going to be? What percentage of the marketplace are you going to capture? Once you make that decision, then you have a lot of work to do but the rewards will come, month after month after month!

Synergy has just been recognised by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Trusted Companies in America. That is quite exceptional! Especially when there are only four pharmaceutical companies in the whole list and Synergy is the ONLY direct selling company listed. That is powerful! Synergy is the best opportunity in the world for people who want to get ahead in life. We don’t redistribute wealth; we do something much more powerful - we redistribute opportunity!

Synergy is already in 27 countries, and with about 200 countries in the world we have room to grow, but some day we will have customers in every country enjoying better health as a result of our products. So the only thing you need to decide is how much of the business will be yours, then go and sponsor people.

I wish you continued good luck!

Rob Lord,
Western Europe General Manager



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