Spotlight: Angie Watson focusing more on Business and Sponsoring

Angie Watson, a Team Member working her Synergy business in the UK, recently achieved very good results with the Title Plus Promotion as a result of all her hard work over the last few months. Angie was good enough to take time out of her busy schedule to give us her testimonial.

"At the beginning of the year, several new Incentives were launched which I knew would really help my business. When Title Plus was announced, I thought it was such a great way for my Team to earn extra money so I decided I was going to help them achieve it.

I wanted to make sure everyone understood the incentive and could boost their income. I had a potential Star who could earn an extra £20 a month, plus the 3 month matching bonus of £60, and 4th month bonus of £80. A Bronze who could earn £40 a month, plus £120 and £160 matching bonus and a Gold who could earn £80 a month and a matching bonus of £240 and £320.

I am happy to say that all 3 of them have achieved the 4 months, so have earned a total of £200, £400 and £600 respectively.

Since the Elite Honours Qualification changed this year, I have focused more on business and recruiting. I've recruited 4 new Team Members personally so far this year, compared to last year, which was only one!!

After the last Network Marketing Training Day on the 28th of April, I made a decision to commit more time to my Synergy business and have employed a Cleaner!

I really believe with putting more time and more focus on the Business I'll be able to help many more people appreciate what Synergy has to offer"



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