Keith Robinson has been self-employed since he was 19. He never liked the idea of building someone else’s dreams, and would rather spend his days building  his own. Keith simply wouldn’t be a good employee, he said because he does not react well to someone telling him what to do. He has worked in the areas of wholesale distribution, financial services, and dabbled in a few network marketing companies, but couldn’t find one that was the right fit.

In Keith’s network marketing experience, he found imperfections in various companies’ management, compensation plans, and products. Synergy was the first company that he analyzed that he felt confident  investing his time in. He joined Synergy recognizing the potential the company had for major long-term growth.

Keith has been using Synergy products for eight years and believes there isn’t a product on the market today that touches them. It’s no surprise to him that Synergy attracts individuals with medical backgrounds. A number of the Team Members in his team are therapists, nutritionists, and doctors, because they know a quality product when they see and use one.

“If you don’t bring credible people to your organization, the standard of the company drops,” Keith said. “It’s a matter of targeting and looking for the high-quality people.”

He said he owes his recent rank advancement to Team Director to the brilliant individuals on his team who advocate for Synergy every day and have a true passion for enriching the lives of others. Without his partners, Keith could not move the business forward.

“It’s important to me that everyone in Ireland saw the rank advancement coming,” Keith said. “And it’s not about the rank advancement. It’s about giving the team the feeling that our efforts are working and things are happening. It gives them the incentive to keep going. It’s their celebration as much as it is mine.”

Keith is eager for what Synergy’s future will bring and is excited to see the investments Synergy is making to push Europe into long-term growth, including a European office and new Vice President of Sales. He plans to truly Leave a Legacy for his family and loved ones by committing to Synergy for many years to come.



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