10 Tips for a Healthy Digestive System

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Your digestive system is responsible for converting the food you eat into the nutrients needed to power your day. When your digestive system is out of sync, it can cause major problems while it attempts to function normally. Here are 10 ways to help keep your digestive system operating at peak performance levels:

1. High-fiber diet: Keep your insides happy and healthy by incorporating foods that are high in fiber, including whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Not only will the added fiber keep food moving through your digestive tract, it can also ease the symptoms of various digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Diversify your fiber: When adding fiber to your diet, try to include both insoluble and soluble fiber. Both work together to benefit your intestines in different ways. Insoluble can be found in wheat bran, whole grains, and vegetables. Soluble fiber comes from oat bran, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

3. Limit high-fat foods: Some healthy fat in your diet can be beneficial to your overall health but eating too many fatty foods can cause constipation and overall digestive slowing. If you’re going to indulge, pairing high-fat foods with high-fiber foods can help alleviate some of the stress on the digestive system.

4. Lean is better: High fat foods also include fatty protein sources such as beef, pork, and some wild game. While protein is essential to your diet, be sure to focus on lean sources such as skinless poultry, pork loin, and low-fat beef cuts.  

5. Power of probiotics: Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live inside your intestines. They are essential to the digestive process and a healthy immune system because they defend against damage caused by a poor diet and stress. They also help your body maximize the nutritional value of each meal.

6. Snack on schedule: Your body loves routine, even if you do not. You can help your digestive tract stay healthy and active by consuming your meals on a regular schedule. Focus on eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks around the same time each day.

7. Hydrate: It’s no secret that drinking enough water every day can help you feel more awake, have fewer cravings, and reduce dehydration headaches, but did you know water can also help your digestive tract? Water in your digestive system helps your body dissolve fats and soluble fiber more efficiently.

8. Ditch bad habits: Too much coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes can impair your body’s ability to digest food and can lead to other digestive issues like ulcers and heartburn.

9. Sweat it out: Exercise is beneficial to almost all of your body’s systems, especially your digestive system. Regular exercise stimulates your intestines, which keeps foods moving through.

10. Stress management: Bodies can internalize external stress. Internal systems have a physical response to stress about finances or a big project at work. When we are overly stressed, our body responds by sending our digestive tract into chaos. Keep an eye on your stress levels and invest time into stress-relieving activities.

How your body feels inside can directly affect your overall wellbeing and health. Be sure to incorporate these ten tips to take care of your digestive system so it can take care of you.

Dublin Opportunity Meeting

Monday, September 28, 2015

When: Saturday, October 17th, 10.30am
Where: Citywest Hotel, Dublin

Description: Join fellow Team Members and their guests for our bi-monthly Opportunity Meeting at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin.
This is an event for Team Members to bring their guests to learn more about Synergy, including our fantastic life-changing products and unrivalled compensation plan that provides an opportunity to earn a true residual income! Come and learn how the NEW Elite Honours programme can propel your business forward!

PLUS ... all guests will be entered into a prize draw where the winner will be picked out to receive a complimentary Synergy Product Pack!

Registration: 10.30am to 11.00am
The Synergy Advantage: 11.00am
Recognition: 12.30pm
Business Training: 1.00 pm

For more information contact Keith Robinson: keithrobsyn@gmail.com

New Dublin Meeting, New Location!

Monday, September 28, 2015

When: Saturday, October 31st, 10.30am
Where: Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin

Description: Join fellow Team members and their guests for an Opportunity Event at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel in Dublin, on the last Saturday of every month.

This is an event for Team Members to bring their guests to learn more about Synergy, including our fantastic life-changing products and unrivalled compensation plan that provides an opportunity to earn a true residual income! Come and learn how the NEW Elite Honours programme can propel your business forward!

PLUS ... all guests will be entered into a prize draw where the winner will be picked out to receive a complimentary Synergy Product Pack!

Registration: 10.30am to 11.00am
The Synergy Advantage: 11.00am
Recognition: 12.30pm

For more information contact James Booth: jamesbooth@eircom.net

Connect with Synergy on Instagram!

Monday, September 28, 2015

For all things Synergy, follow Synergy WorldWide on Instagram under the account name @synergyworldwide!

It is now your mission to go to your Instagram account, search @synergyworldwide, and follow us.

Why follow us?
  1. We will randomly select Instagram followers for Synergy merchandise and product giveaways. Mention @synergyworldwide or use the hashtag #synergyworldwide in all of your Synergy-related photos and there is a good chance we’ll repost them! 
  2. Find out what fellow Synergy WorldWide customers and Team Members from all over the world are up to. You may even learn a thing or two from them!
  3. Similar to our Facebook pages and blogs, our Instagram account is another avenue you can use to stay up-to-date on the latest Synergy happenings. 
  4. We promise to inspire you to Leave a Legacy with the fun images and messages we post! 
Don’t have an Instagram account? Well, you might want one! Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing social media service that is connecting more than 300 million people all over the world through imagery.

Legacy Retreat 2016

Friday, September 25, 2015

Synergy’s Legacy Retreat is returning to the Western Hemisphere, landing at the most iconic tropical destination North America has to offer: Hawaii! 

Qualified Team Members will rest easy at the Hilton Waikoloa Village located on Kona, Hawaii’s largest island, January 7-11, 2016.

The Kona coast is one of Hawaii’s most coveted travel destinations. From rolling acres of rich coffee farmland to its inviting beaches perfect for offshore adventures, it’s not hard to see what makes this such a gorgeous hideaway. Whether you’re eager to see the temples and petroglyphs at Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park or looking forward to a relaxing day in the warm Pacific sun, the village of Waikoloa has it all. Reward yourself with the tropical adventure of a lifetime!

The Legacy Retreat 2016 qualification period is January 1 - December 31, 2015. Click here to see how you can qualify for Kona!

Great news Synergy Team Members! Now you can stay up to date on how many Legacy Retreat points you’re earning by logging into your Pulse account.

Check out the 2015 Legacy Retreat recap video from Dubai and get a taste for what you can look forward to.

Track Your Elite Honors Progress in Pulse

Thursday, September 24, 2015

With the launch of Elite Honors, we’ve created a concise, easy-to-navigate, tracking system on the dashboard of your Pulse account. Simply log in to Pulse and you’ll notice a new fixture that will help you in your pursuit to become Elite Honors Qualified and maximize your Synergy business’s potential.

Here are a few things you will want to note to understand how the tracker works:
  1. Click the “learn more” button in the top right hand corner for the Elite Honors flier and worksheet document. This document will tell you everything you need to know about becoming Elite Honors Qualified.
  2. The TC 1 Volume bar shows how much volume you’ve accumulated in Tracking Center 1 in the current month
    • Reminder: You need 600 CV in TC 1 to qualify.
  3. The activation bar shows how much new distributor volume you’ve accumulated in the current month.
    • Reminder: You need 200 CV in Activation volume to qualify
  4. Coming Soon: The Go Elite Bonus bar shows how many new and old Team Members you have personally sponsored that are Elite Honors Qualified. This bar also shows the bonus amount you will earn in your next commissions payout based on how many EHQ Team Members you have sponsored.
  5. Do you have an active Autoship template? The bottom-left module will let you know.
  6. As you become an Elite Honors Qualifying professional, you will see the number of times you have qualified rise with each month you complete all EHQ requirements in the bottom-right module.
  7. Finally, are you Elite Honors qualified this month? We’ll give you a straight answer in the top right corner with a green “yes” box or a red “no” box, so you will never question where you stand.
Happy qualifying!

New Synergy Video Featuring IAM Cycling

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Synergy products have been trusted by some of the best athletes preparing for the world’s toughest competitions. We are proud to sponsor Team IAM Cycling from Switzerland and their Tour de France Top 10 finisher Matthias Brändle. Watch the video to see why Matthias trusts Synergy products for fuel and recovery during his training.

Introducing Europe’s Elite Honors Founders!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Summit 2015 was a game-changing event thanks to the launch of Elite Honors, an earnings model that creates a financial roadmap to success for Synergy Team Members. By following this roadmap, Team Members can maximize their earnings potential, create a long-term residual income, and sustain a strong, fruitful Synergy business for decades to come.

Click here to learn how to become Elite Honors Qualified and earn a Go Elite bonus.

Before Elite Honors made its appearance in Rome, Synergy executives challenged leaders throughout Europe to become Elite Honors Qualified before Summit 2015. An impressive number completed the task at hand and many have already qualified for the second month.

Thank you to the dozens of exemplary leaders who pave the way for Synergy’s success! Follow in these leaders’ footsteps and the rewards will come.

Congratulations Elite Honors Founders!


Robert Suppan
Franz Friess
Helmut Jelinek

Summit 2015 Recap Video and Photos

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This year’s Summit in Rome proved to be another remarkable event that was just what our Team Members needed to kick them into high gear through 2016. Between the live concert and entertainment acts, influential guest speakers, elegant VIP dinner, bustling Synergy Store, and emotional recognition, Team Members left with a stronger belief in themselves and a renewed passion for their Synergy businesses.

We are so grateful to each person who traveled to Rome to attend the event, bringing their contagious enthusiasm and making Summit 2015 one of a kind. Now, you can look back on all of your favorite Summit memories by browsing through the Summit 2015 photo album and watching the recap video.

Already counting down to Summit 2016 in Vienna!

Congratulations 2015 Legacy Award Winners!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Each year, Team Members are nominated to receive Synergy’s highly regarded and sought after Legacy Awards. Three award categories were presented – the Will Martin Hope of Synergy Award, the Dan Higginson Humanitarian Award, and the Foundation of Excellence Award.



Roman Robeczko

Roman is one of Poland’s most driven Team Members. He is incredibly supportive of his team and knows what they need to succeed. He is a retired military major, and his experiences in this occupation have made him an outstanding leader to his Synergy army.

Team EBALI – Bostjan Pilej & Irena Kladivar

This husband and wife team has proven their leadership capabilities from the beginning. They have even invested in personal development trainings to become better leaders to their team. It was through their persistence that Synergy opened in Slovenia, and without Bostjan and Irena’s support this market would not be where it is today. The couple rarely misses Synergy trainings or events because they view them as being high priority when creating a successful business. They recently attended Team Manager Academy for the third time in a row, and are well on their way to qualifying for Legacy Retreat.

Helena Hemming

Helena received the highest ranking of all Finnish qualifiers in the Race for Rome promotion and made it into the SLM 10 Club during both promotion periods. She is passionate about the SLMsmart program and has helped many people reach their goals with the products. She helps everyone she meets and has every quality necessary to become highly successful with Synergy.

Jens Tamlagsrønning

Integrity and loyalty are Jens’s defining strengths. He has high morals and is one of the most ethical, trustworthy individuals within Synergy. Many know him for being a control freak, but in the best way possible. Organized and meticulous, Jens never leaves anything to chance. He would rather call his sponsor too many times than too few. His presentations are impressive and some of the best his
market has seen.

Linnéa Byrkjeland

While Linnéa is a young Synergy Team Member, she is a role model to all those she works with. Though she has dealt with her fair share of adversity, she always stands strong and continues forward with a positive attitude. She has great promise to be an exemplary leader and will continue leaving positive footprints as she gives of her talents and her time to help others discover healthier lives.



Claudio Luongo

Claudio is a leader who recognizes the blessed life he lives, which is why he believes it’s important to give back as much—if not more—than he receives. He joined Synergy to be an ambassador for the Leave a Legacy mission and then pursued projects that allowed him to serve less fortunate people while bringing Synergy’s opportunities to them. At his own expense, Claudio organized an event to raise funds for the Italian National Association Against Neuroblastoma, which supports those effected by an aggressive cancer found in young children. Rather than hosting the event under his own name, he hosted it on behalf of Synergy WorldWide.



Stella O’Shea

Stella is the epitome of upline support, not only to her own team, but to business builders everywhere. She is always makes herself available to support others and to conduct presentations and trainings. In 2015 she created a new Getting Started Training program, which is now available to every Team Member in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Over the last year, this Team Member has gone above and beyond the normal requirements expected of a Synergy leader, and the UK is stronger because of her hard work.

Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi

This couple decided that together they were going to make it to the top with Synergy WorldWide. Extremely determined, they’ve worked hard to reach their goals while supporting their entire team. They constantly travel all over Finland delivering Synergy’s message and organizing valuable trainings for their team while maintaining a clear vision of success.

Anne Katrine Skilbreid

Anne Katrine is a hard-working woman that never gives up and will not take no for an answer. She is reliable and consistent in following up with her contacts and her downline. She lives by the rule: “When you are up call down, when you are down call up.” She is a registered nurse who now works with Synergy full-time to bless people’s lives.

Maurizio Biasci

After 20 years in network marketing, retirement is often the next step, but not for Maurizio. In his 60s, he decided to start a new chapter in his life. Synergy represents Claudio’s philosophies on life, and for this reason, he puts a lot of passion into his business. So far, he has had six months of continuous, stable growth. He achieved Team Director in five months, and most importantly, found a loyal team that idolizes him. He has accomplished all of this by working tirelessly, believing in Synergy’s mission, and always smiling.

August 2015 Recognition

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Listed below are the names of everyone in Europe who rank advanced in August! Congratulations to our hardworking Team Members who continue to dedicate tremendous time and effort to their Synergy business.

August Rank Advancements

Team Director
M4m Sp. 2 O.o. (Poland)

Team Manager
Berit Reaver (United Kingdom)
Teresa Karczmarczyk (Poland)
M4m Sp. 2 O.o. (Poland)

Team Leader
Mary-Janne Nystol (Norway)
M4m Sp. 2 O.o. (Poland)
Teresa Karczmarczyk (Poland)
Zdenek Sladek (Czech Republic)

Race for Rome Monthly Top 10 Prize Winners

Thursday, September 10, 2015

In anticipation of this year’s Summit in Rome, Italy, we’re celebrating the top achievers each month and rewarding their hard work with some top-end prizes! Of course, these fantastic prizes are in addition to the extra cash up for grabs in the Race for Rome promotion.

Click here for more Race for Rome promotion details.

Congratulations to our August winners:

1. M4M+ (Poland) • 19650 points  - 3-night hotel accommodations + Summit registration
2. Teresa Karczmarczyk (Poland) • 14190 points • iPad Mini + Summit registration
3. Sabine Feitl (Austria) • 6974 points • iPod Touch + Summit registration
4. Halina Wysocka (Austria) 6540 points  iPod Nano + Summit registration
5. Adrian Klapczarek (Poland) • 5930 points  iPod Shuffle + Synergy workout towel + Summit registration
6. Slawa Pindera (Italy) • 5390 points  Synergy Sample Pack—includes one ProArgi-9+, one e9, one Mistify, one PhytoLife and one SLMsmart Meal Replacement
7. Jan Novak (Czech Republic) 5292 points  V3 System
8. Chinedu Leonard Mgbams (Ireland) • 3864 points  2 SLMsmart + 1 e9
9. Roman Tanzler (Austria) • 3724 points  Synergy padfolio + Synergy pen
10. Tomasz Nyikó (Austria) • 3700 points  Synergy TRIMR bottle + Synergy hat

Thank you to all of our participants; your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Elite Honors: Synergy’s Financial Roadmap

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

At Synergy, we value recognizing and rewarding those who are working consistently to create a stable foundation on which they can build a profitable business. For this purpose, the Elite Honors business model launched at Summit 2015 was created to unify business building efforts across Europe.

Become Elite Honors Qualified

All Team Members are encouraged to set a goal to become Elite Honors Qualified (EHQ) in order to maximize Synergy’s Compensation Plan. You can become Elite Honors Qualified each month by fulfilling these qualification requirements:

  • Be a Synergy Team Member on Autoship 
  • Sign up 600 CV on Tracking Center 1 (TC 1 includes personal volume and customer volume)
  • Sign up 200 CV in new activation volume (sign up one new Synergy Team Member)

Elite Honors Club

When you have successfully completed all Elite Honors qualifications, you become a member of the Elite Honors Club. You will be awarded for this great achievement the first month that you qualify. As you continue achieving Elite Honors, month after month, you will be eligible for different rewards based on the number of months qualified. Qualify for 1, 3 or 9 months in a year (months do not need to be consecutive) and you will earn the following:

EHQ 1 month
  • Elite Honors pin
  • Synergy blog recognition

EHQ 3 months
  • Elite Honors Club Platinum Card
  • Early event registration access
  • Preferred event seating
  • VIP store checkout
  • Featured in Legacy eMagazine

EHQ 9 months:
  • Elite Honors Club lounge at events
  • Elite Honors Club jacket
  • Featured on corporate website

Go Elite Promotion

As an Elite Synergy business owner, we want to reward you for not only becoming Elite Honors Qualified yourself, but for teaching others the value of following the Elite Honors earning model. Through the Go Elite bonus, you have the opportunity to earn a monthly bonus based on how many Elite Honors Qualifiers you sponsor. These qualifiers can be both new and old Synergy Team Members.

Here is what you could earn by helping others become Elite Honors Qualified:

Sponsor 2 qualifiers: £185
Sponsor 4 qualifiers: £375
Sponsor 10 qualifiers: £900

Track your progress by using the Elite Honours Worksheet.

This promotion is available September 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016. There is no limit to how many months you can earn this bonus within the promotion period.

Now, it’s time to get to business building! We can’t wait to reward and recognize our first successful group of Elite Honors Qualifiers.

Announcing New Products SLMsmart Chocolate and Body Prime!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Among all of the exciting news shared at Summit 2015 was the launch of SLMsmart Chocolate Meal Replacement and the announcement that Body Prime launches in January 2016. Learn more about these exceptional products and try them for yourself!

SLMsmart Chocolate Meal Replacement

What if your daily dose of chocolate didn’t have to be a guilty pleasure? The newly launched SLMsmart Chocolate Meal Replacement is made with natural chocolate and cocoa powder and includes all of the nutrients you love in the vanilla option. With addition of the chocolate flavor, you will have more delicious options to look forward to as you commit to reach your weight management goals.

Take the guesswork out of eating right and achieve your ideal weight with Synergy’s Chocolate SLMsmart Meal Replacement. This nutrient-dense shake will give you your chocolate fix with smart calories. You’ll look forward to every sip.

  • Delivers a balanced array of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that give you the right amount of energy any time of the day
  • Keeps you feeling full for hours
  • Contains whey, soy, and casein proteins that support the maintenance and growth of lean muscle mass
  • Contains fructose which leads to a lower blood glucose rise compared to foods containing sucrose or glucose 

Protein Blend
The SLMsmart Meal Replacement features three protein sources: whey, soy and casein. Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. The amino acids from whey protein appear in the blood almost immediately after consumption. Soy protein amino acids appear next followed by casein protein. Together, these power-packed ingredients will leave your body feeling satisfied and ready to tackle the day.

Energy Blend
The healthy carbohydrates and fats found in SLMsmart Meal Replacement were strategically formulated to fuel your metabolism and give you the energy that life’s demands require. Maltodextrin, canola oil, and sunflower oil are just a few of the ingredients that will help you maintain your energy levels, stay satisfied, and achieve your target weight.

Vitamin & Mineral Blend
Because SLMsmart Meal Replacement contains essential nutrients found in a balanced meal, including calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins, it is able to act as an effective alternate to your normal breakfast, lunch or dinner routine.

CLICK HERE to learn more in the SLMsmart Chocolate Meal Replacement Fact Sheet
CLICK HERE for the new United Kingdom pricelist
CLICK HERE for the new Ireland pricelist

Body Prime

The first-ever Synergy product to be conceptualized and tested in the Hughes Center for Research and Development is coming to you January 2016!

All Summit 2015 attendees had the chance to purchase the product for a limited time. Be prepared for Body Prime’s official launch by learning all about the product, and if you were one of the lucky Team Members who purchased the product, try it for yourself so that you can effectively share it with others.

Body Prime was tested on a group of volunteer individuals who took the product as instructed and were asked to report their results to Synergy’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Thanks to the endless research and development opportunities that the Hughes Center offers, Body Prime’s unique new formula was developed specifically for the European market!

What is Body Prime?

Body Prime effectively prepares your body for any health regimen, whether you’re just getting started or you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your routine. With a significant amount of magnesium, it contribute to normal energy metabolism and valuable electrolyte balance. These factors are perfect primers for your system to initiate your next health program. Body Prime is an effective formula that you’ll feel progressively. Together, apple pectin and prune powder make up the majority of one dose’s contents. Consequently, this is a gentle formula made with familiar fruit sources.

CLICK HERE to learn more in the Body Prime Fact Sheet

Summit 2015 Recap

Monday, September 07, 2015

At the largest Europe Summit to date, Synergy Team Members gathered in Rome’s sophisticated Auditorium Parco Della Musica for another magnificent Summit event.

Rome provided a historically-rich backdrop for this major event and while everyone attended Summit for their own reasons, each person left with a commitment to uphold the same goal: Leave a Legacy.

Summit officially kicked off Thursday evening with an Opening Reception the showcased a small army of performing gladiators, living statues, and an electrifying live performance by the Disco Bandits. It was a memorable night for all and definitely set the mood for a high-energy weekend.

General Sessions began Friday morning and began with a warm audience welcome to all executives who were introduced on stage. Then, every Team Member had his or her chance to shine on stage in the Parade of Nations as they waved their country flags proudly and cheered with the applauding audience.

Synergy President Dan Norman was the first presenter to take the stage. He congratulated all of Europe on another year of growth and built anticipation for the great things Synergy will have to offer this year and in years to come.

Elevating the exciting even more, Vice President Stewart Rutter introduced two new products—SLMsmart Chocolate Meal Replacement and Body Prime. SLMsmart Chocolate contains all of the health benefits customers loved in SLMsmart Vanilla Meal Replacement. This product is available in the shopping cart. Summit attendees had the opportunity to purchase Synergy’s newest product Body Prime in the Summit Store. The product is a proprietary blend unique to Europe and will be available Europe wide January 2016.

In Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp’s presentation, he walked attendees through each phase of Body Prime’s development, from research to clinical trial, which took place entirely at our state-of-the-art Hughes Center for Research and Development.

The launch of Synergy’s new unified earnings model Elite Honors was the pinnacle of excitement in Friday afternoon’s session. Attendees scribbled notes as Stewart Rutter explained the details of this business-enhancing system that Team Members are encouraged to follow in order to maximize Synergy’s Compensation Plan. Those who follow the Elite Honors model can become Elite Honors Qualified and take advantage of the Go Elite promotion.

Synergy leaders from the U.S., Europe, and even South Korea, spent much of the remainder of that session edifying, supporting and expressed their excitement for the launch of this new business model.

Later that night, an exclusive VIP Reception dinner took place at the beautiful Caffé delle Arti to honor the year’s highest achieving Team Members. Those who qualified spent a glamorous evening filled with decadent food and drink, relaxing conversation, all while enjoying the fine art placed throughout the venue.

Saturday morning was full of empowering and rousing presentations as top U.S. and Europe executives inspired attendees to reach for their most ambitious goals while uncovering the pathway to success. The recognition session concluded the event, and executives were pleased to congratulate and shake the hands of dozens who achieved Team Leader and above, as well as the 10 exemplary individuals who were selected for Legacy Awards. An impressive number of Synergy’s highest achievements were awarded this year, including three Pearl Executives, one Emerald Executive, one Diamond Executive, one Million Dollar Club award, and 10 Legacy Awards, which included the first-ever Will Martin Hope of Synergy awards.

Thank you to everyone who attended Summit 2015 in Rome and made it a prodigious event. With the Elite Honors model, one new product in hand and another on the horizon, and a fresh outlook on the future, this year promises great things for Synergy WorldWide.

Continue visiting the blog throughout the next few weeks for complete details on the newly launched products, programs, and promotions!

Summit 2015 is Underway!

Friday, September 04, 2015

It’s here! Summit 2015 has officially begun in Rome. Thursday, September 3, we kicked off the event with an action-packed Opening Reception. From the historically-themed entertainment to the exhilarating live music performance, attendees are having the time of their lives in beautiful Rome!

This morning the doors of the venue opened, Team Members filed in eager for the Parade of Nations, new product launches, and more!

Friday night, the VIP Reception dinner will be held at the beautiful Caffé delle Arti. Stunning art adorns the walls and delicious cuisine awaits all those who qualified. VIP Team Members will be able to relax and unwind as they reflect on their journey to Summit and their goals for the upcoming year.

Follow the blog next week as we reveal all the Summit 2015 details.

Congratulations Race for Rome Top 125!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Team Members throughout Europe have worked incredibly hard since January to rack up points in hopes of making the Race for Rome Top 125. 

With August now over, we are excited to officially announce the final Top 125! All those on this list will earn money toward their trip to Summit 2015!

A special congratulations to our Top 3 Race for Rome point earners – 

1. Corinna Frowein, Austria  – 33,132
2. Manfred Kelbic, Austria – 30,342
3. Sabine Feitl, Austria – 26,992

As a reminder, if you made the Top 125 and are registered for the Summit, you will be paid with this month’s commissions. Payments will be based on your Top 125 rank.

Here are the rank values: 

Rank 1-25: 810 £
Rank 26-50: 608 £
Rank 51-75: 405 £
Rank 76-100: 324 £
Rank 101-125: 242 £