Advice from Ireland's New Team Manager Yvonne Timmins!

I was at the Rude Health Exhibition in Dublin when I was introduced to Synergy WorldWide by James Booth. I come from a healing business background and I was so excited by the concept of helping people heal themselves and building a business at the same time. The product I focus on mainly is ProArgi-9+ because the science behind it has the Nobel Prize for medicine and when it comes to cardiovascular health the people taking it are having fantastic results. 

I work my business every day by talking to people, keeping in touch with my downline and customers by phone and we have a weekly meeting chaired by James Booth, Fred Greene and myself. At this meeting we focus on new people coming into the business and also inform people about our products. I spend roughly 30 hours per week working my Synergy business and have had success so far because I have a passion for what I do and I gain new knowledge every day. I am committed to helping others build their business!

At times, everybody gets a little disheartened and it seems like you are tying to help people who don’t want to be helped,  however to succeed in this business you have to be single minded and believe wholeheartedly in the company and the fantastic products that we have. My sponsor is James Booth and he has been hugely influential in my success. He is so enthusiastic and passionate about Synergy it becomes infectious; he supports and encourages me everyday. It is important to have a good working relationship with your sponsor and they are there to support and guide you but they cannot build your business for you. 

I am available to my Team Members who are willing to work and put the effort into this business daily, I use the power of the third to help them recruit new distributors and I encourage them to gain as much knowledge as they can by attending meetings and listening to all the information regarding the business and products. My goal is to grow my business at a steady pace and reach the next level, which is Team Director.  

I feel blessed every day to be involved in this business and to be surrounded by such wonderful people who are committed to helping others not only through the products but also through the business opportunity. The business opportunity is available to everybody who has a desire to work and become financially independent. 

I believe Synergy WorldWide will be a household name within the next 5 years because our founder, Dan Higginson, is a visionary who cares about people and has a desire for everyone to leave a great personal legacy! 



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