March UK launch event 2023!

Synergy Europe is preparing for the launch of its first UK Advertising Campaign which is scheduled to roll out from April 2023! 

This is a very special and exciting time and to celebrate, we would like to welcome our Team Members and guests to join us where you will hear first-hand about our ongoing plans and vision for Synergy Europe. 


Get ready for NEW announcements and incredible training from our global corporate team including guest speakers: 

  • Michael Saunders, Director of Scientific Innovation of Hughes Research and Development Centre 
  • Lynn Ohman, Executive Director, Europe & Wholesale 
  • Alida Husby, Head of Marketing & Communication (Europe) 

Guests, who are interested in learning more about these exciting plans and vision are welcome to attend at the ticket price of £5 and for our Synergy Team Members, ticket price is £10. 

This really is an event NOT to be missed!! 

To avoid disappointment, please book your place today (as tickets are “strictly” limited). 

Agenda Details: 
Arrival & Refreshments: from 6.30pm 
Event Start: 7:00pm
Event finish: 8:30pm



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