191 marathons fuelled by Synergy

In 2022, Paul Minter ran more than 8000 kilometres around the UK coastline! For over 218 days, Paul ran to raise awareness and funds for mental health. This took him along the United Kingdom coastline and on the 1st of October 2022 Paul crossed the finish line, having completed his goal of  running 191 marathons. 

Synergy x Impact Foundation

Synergy, together with Impact Foundation, supported Paul through his journey, making sure he had a constant supply of the best sports supplements. With his great achievement, there were also challenges, including fueling Paul’s body to run many kilometres day after day, as well as helping him recover on his rest days. His runs and recoveries were fueled by ProArgi-9+, FL-3X, Vitamin D3, E9, and Biome DT.

Synergy and Impact Foundation donated a matching donation of 10.000 USD to “Head Up”, the charity Paul Minter co-founded and was running to get funds for. 

Supporting good causes and specially our Team Members is always a top priority for Synergy. We have been closely watching and supporting Paul throughout his journey as he reached this impressive accomplishment.

Through Paul Minter's journey he was headlined on many newspapers and TV programmes for his great challenge. Check out this feature on The Times, and BBC News



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