Leadership Retreat 2024

Ready for Leadership Retreat 2024!? New year, new opportunity, and a new location. Every year Synergy WorldWide sets out to organize the European Leadership Retreat to reward all our hardworking Team Members. 

Start working, get organized early and qualify to participate in fun filled days, networking, and adventures together with fellow European Synergy Team Members. 

Hotel, meals and ground transportation expenses will all be covered by us. PLUS, we will provide a travel credit reimbursement. 

Set your goals for 2023 and commit today to qualify for Leadership Retreat 2024! 


Qualification Period: January 2023 – December 2023
Event date: TBD, 2024
Where: Madeira, Portugal
Who: Qualifying Team Leaders and above. See qualification details below for information on how to earn a spot for your guest as well. 


1. Achieve the rank of TEAM LEADER or higher
2. Maintain that rank for at least 6 months of the year, including December. 
3. In addition, your 2023 total weak leg volume* must exceed your total 2022 weak leg volume by the following percentages**

Pin Level % of growth to
qualify yourself
% of growth to qualify
yourself and a guest
<- Team Leader 20% 30%
Team Manager 15% 23%
Team Director 10% 15%
Team Elite -> 5% 8%

Terms and conditions
- * Weak leg volume is calculated by adding up your TC1 Weak Leg volume each month throughout the set period(s).
- **Based on your paid as rank in December 2022. Check your paid rank in December 2022 to know how much % you will need to increase your volume by.
- Remember, you will need to be active on “Subscribe & Save” with an order and maintain 200 CV in TC1 volume in each of the qualification months to qualify for any Synergy promotions.
- The guest must be a spouse/partner, or business partner attached to your Synergy business. It cannot be any other Synergy Team Member.
- All aspects of this promotional program are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash value. The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of the retreat.



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