Six-time-British-Champion chooses Synergy supplements

British Wrestling champion Nicolae Cojocaru claims that having tested every supplement on the market, ‘Synergy stands out from the crowd!’
The 34-year-old dad-of-one, with two degrees in Ecology and Law, and a Masters in Sports Science, says he has been searching for the ‘gold standard of supplements’ for many years.
He’s so convinced he’s found it, that he’s now joined the Synergy Worldwide business – sharing the supplements with professional athletes all over the world.
His search for ‘the best’ first began in his home country of Moldova, where he first started his wrestling journey before moving to Romania where he represented the country for 10 years at the World and European championships. His highest ranking as a wrestler is 5th in the world for his age group.
Seven years ago, he moved to Oldmeldrum in Scotland, and in 2018 he started to represent the GBR team. He has since won Bronze at the European Championships and is a six-time British Champion.
Nicolae said: “Synergy is my life and lifestyle. I feel more energetic with ProArgi 9 – and it’s based on nobel-prize winning research!
“I can keep going with my training much longer using the power-packed vitamins of E9.
“I refill with the abundance of protein from SmartMeal and it tastes incredible too!
“And then the V3 pack is basically my daily stuff, immunity support, antioxidants, you name it!
“Because I’m a professional wrestler I also need Flex to keep my joints and muscles healthy.”
Nicolae, who has a Masters in Sports Science, is also a personal trainer, and whilst he loves to help other people reach their fitness goals, his ultimate ambition is to fly the flag for Synergy around the world. He wants to show other professional athletes – across all sports - that he has found the ‘ultimate supplement brand’ – based on science, quality, innovation and results!



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