MyGeneticBody DNA Kit now available!

The human body is amazing, with its own DNA profile and unique needs. Science and technology is always evolving and we are excited about the opportunities this brings to the health and wellness sector. Are you searching to find out what personalised care you can offer your body? With MyGeneticBody DNA Kit, Synergy in collaboration with Novogenia, makes this possible with a simple and convenient process.

How to access invaluable insights about your body, helping you to make better choices whilst working for your Elite health?  

1. Order a DNA pack including a MyGeneticBody Kit
2. Follow the instructions and take your saliva test
3. Send it in for scientific testing and wait for your results. 
4. Receive your personalised report based on your DNA

Whilst waiting for the results, enjoy the Synergy products that was accompanied with the MyGeneticBody DNA kit. Prepare your gut and body with the Purify kit or get the Energy pack featuring three Synergy favourites; ProArgi-9+, e9 and Bodyprime. 

Want to learn more about it? Click here to access our DNA brochure with all the information that you may need, or here to check out the instructions.  



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