Debbie’s hard work has a silver lining

You could be forgiven for thinking Debbie is too busy to run a successful Synergy Business since she: works as a Personal Trainer, helps female entrepreneurs to thrive in her role as Regional Director of a women’s networking group, manages a rental property, leads Nordic walks, and is Treasurer of a canoe club. All this whilst supporting her two sons – one of which is just back from the Olympics at Tokyo where he was with the Great Britain sprint kayaking squad’s training camp. 

But Debbie’s productivity is fueled with purpose – to live her life to its fullest potential and help others. A goal which has led her to rank advance twice this year, achieving Bronze in January, Silver in July, and now aiming for Gold.

Debbie’s journey began with redundancy from British Gas, where she worked as a Management Accountant for 17 years. This allowed her to fulfill her dreams and qualify as a Personal Trainer, learning that nutrition and supplements can play a vital role in health and fitness, and wanting to work with a company she believed in.

She found Synergy having been impressed by their portfolio of products developed by scientists and inspired by the Founder Dan Higginson. Now Debbie focuses her efforts on helping ‘women of a certain age where health and fitness has taken a back seat.’ She works to transform the lives of women over 45 ‘who deserve to feel and look great'.

Debbie has built a team of like-minded colleagues on her team. And we know that great things are on the horizon for them all.

She says: “It’s often said that the ‘second half of life’ can be the best - and I wholeheartedly agree. On our life’s journey, we accumulate so much knowledge and experience which we can repurpose and share with others. If you follow and love what you do, life is invigorating and energising for the soul. I believe work/life balance does not exist anymore. You need to live your life to its fullest potential, give and be kind to yourself and all around you.”



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