Update to Biome Actives

Starting today, each bottle of Synergy Biome Actives will offer more capsules per bottle. Biome Actives will now contain 90 capsules, as opposed to the 30 count offered in the past. This leads to less waste in packaging, and more accessibility in your ongoing efforts to care for your microbiome.

Please note that the price of Biome Actives has increased to reflect the additional servings now contained. Though pricing has increased, the value per package has increased as well, as you now get more product with your purchase.

Formulated with the optimal ratio of inulin and Bacillus coagulans CFUs, Biome Actives helps maintain microbial balance in the digestive system, while supporting healthy detoxification. While Synergy has made this change to packaging quantity, the supplement formula remains unchanged, ensuring that you and your microbiome get the highest-quality Elite Health supplement in every capsule. 



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