Team Member Spotlight:
Angie Watson, New Team Leader, UK

We applaud our Team Members as we know how extremely hard you work to build your Synergy business! Each month we will be highlighting a Team Member from Northern Europe who has demonstrated real commitment to their business such as advancing to a significant new title, overcoming challenges or going above and beyond to serve their team, as a few examples.

This month we would like to highlight Angie Watson from the UK who has rank advanced from Silver, straight past Gold to hit Team Leader. Congratulations Angie, we know you have the Vision Retreat in Utah in your sights!

How were you introduced to Synergy and why did you decide to build a business?
I was a distributor with Nature’s Sunshine for over 10 years so once I saw the quality of Synergy’s products it was a natural progression to build a business with them.

Which is your favourite product and why?
Definitely ProArgi-9+.

What is a typical day for you when you are building your Synergy business?
I teach fitness classes most mornings which also gives me a great opportunity to speak to my customers on a daily basis.
In the afternoon I spend time speaking to team members, promoting products and events or meetings with team member or potential team members.

What would you say has been the biggest factor in your success so far?
Last year I started attending the UK Business School which has helped me build my confidence and helped me develop more of a business approach, particularly looking for more Team Members to sponsor.

Last year Julie Dalton and I attended a health conference in Bromley where we planned to look for people to join our business. I was lucky enough to recruit Trisha Quinn and since then Trisha has attended every Business School as well as regular, local meetings. This has helped us keep our business focus and Trisha has already started to build her team.

Julie Dalton has done amazingly this year and has helped Helen Carpenter develop her team. She has also achieved her place on the Leadership Retreat to Crete in June which will be a fantastic trip. Well Done Julie!

Karen Holland-Smith is also a very valued new Team Member with lots of potential and Karen has some lovely, fun Team Members, especially Parm and Bal Gill and their team.

Has your sponsor and upline been a support to you in building your business?
I am so lucky to have Teri Rigby as my sponsor as she is always available to support me. She has always attended meetings with me to introduce new distributors to the business adding a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

What key activities do you regularly engage in to help members of your team to grow their business?
I attend as many training days as I possibly can. I have a social media group to keep everyone up-to-date with events and promotions and I hold regular meetings, especially with new Team Members and my upline. It’s also lovely to meet socially as they are such lovely people.

What goals have you reached so far and which ones are you working towards at the moment?
Reaching Team Leader has been a goal of mine for a while now and also seeing my downline reaching new levels in their business. I would also love to achieve the trip to Utah in September.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone new joining Synergy, what would you tell them?
Firstly, start taking the product as soon as possible so you can become a product-of-the-product. You need your own testimonial before you can start building the business. Second, it’s imperative that you regularly attend the Synergy meetings and events as there is so much to learn from those who have already walked the path. Third, you have to set time aside to work on your business; it doesn’t matter how much or little time you have but it must be planned so you can maximise it to grow your business.



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