February 10th: Independent Distributor Product Training Day

Remember to book your place and join us for this interactive Product Training Day, hosted by Pearl Executive Teri Rigby!

An informative and fun product training day awaits you with various topics and speakers, including:

Dr Rav Naik MbcHb, MRCGP, Msc
Dr Rav has been filling meeting rooms all over the UK with his “microbiome/state of the NHS” talks and is passionate about educating as many people as he can on the importance of re-setting and feeding your microbiome correctly. At this Product Training Day, he will be concentrating on the connection between the menopause and the microbiome.

PHYSIYOLATES co-founder Paula Rastrick
Paula is an advanced yoga sports coach and accredited personal performance coach. She has studied with the Institute of Yoga Sports Science based in New York which has one of the largest research databases in the world on the efficacy of yoga to improve athletic performance.
Before setting up Physiyolates with husband Paul, Paula spent 7 years working within the sports science and medical department at Aston Villa FC. As part of the club’s Academy Research Strategy Group, Paula worked on collaborations with both Birmingham University and Aston University and has studied Sport & Exercise Psychology and Science & Health through Open University. Paula will be presenting on one of her favourite topics; the gut - brain connection!

Synergy Team Leader and Integrated Health Coach, Helen Prosper
Helen has a wealth of knowledge on the application of Synergy products with many Synergy health talks under her belt. Recently Helen has been educating WI groups in her area of East Sussex and will be presenting on the V3 and why this is such an important daily programme.

Lifestyle Analysis System Training by Angie Watson
Angie Watson and her team will be taking us through the Lifestyle Analysis System to help everyone understand and implement this fantastic tool. This is a very simple, compliant system that helps you and your team take their customers through the Elite Health programme. Utilising this tool in your business will help develop life-long customers and also enable increased duplication within your team.

New Product Training – OMEGA-3 EPA
Our new Omega-3 product will be launching in the next few months so in preparation for this fantastic addition to our range, we'll be presenting on one of the most popular and commonly sold daily supplements! Why is this Omega-3 so good? How does it compare to the competition? Why do people take it? How can it boost your business? Come and find out!

Our product training days are ideal for all Team Members and health conscious customers so make sure you join us for plenty of learning, sharing and fun!

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When: Sunday, February 10th
Time: 10.30 am for an 11.00 am start
Where: Hilton Hotel, Warwick

Session 1: 11.00 am
Lunch: 1.00 pm
Session 2: 2.00 pm
Close: 4.30 pm

For more information contact Teri Rigby: teririgby@aol.co.uk



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