Foundations for Elite Health Webinars September 2018

Following on from the highly successful Foundations for Elite Health webinars held in May 2018, we have an exciting new series of webinars lined up. These free, informative, fun webinars give a valuable insight into specific areas of concern on a range of health topics.

Each 30-minute webinar features a discussion on the health topic, how the condition can affect people’s day to day lives, the Synergy products that may be able to elevate health in that area plus two key testimonials of team members or customers who have received benefit.

The calls are ideal for:
• Building confidence in speaking to people with common health concerns
• New team member training on how Synergy’s products can provide solutions to elevate health
• An opportunity to promote the calls to your current customers and develop customer loyalty
• An opportunity to promote the calls to prospects and attract new business

The two Sundays in the series will feature a Discover Synergy call offering you:
• The opportunity to listen to how the Discovery Synergy call is presented for ideas for your own presentations or ways of speaking about the business
• Building confidence in the business and the simple steps to become successful
• An opportunity to promote the calls to prospects to attract potential business partners

The link for you to register and to promote the next series is

We sincerely look forward to seeing you on the call and helping you Accelerate your Business!

For more information contact one of the Synergy Business Accelerator organisers:
Kim Bradley:
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