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Save the date for a summer of learning in the UK with keynote speaker Paul Blad.

The next Synergy Business Accelerator Academy will take place on Saturday the 18th August. So get the date in your diary for an afternoon of motivation and inspiration, along with business and personal growth!

The Accelerator Academy is hosted by the Synergy Business Accelerator leadership team in the UK comprising of Kim and Simon Bradley, John Burgess and Sue Thomas. The day is designed to provide individuals with the tools needed to help grow and build their personal Synergy businesses, whilst creating a sense of community and inclusion to help the UK grow as a whole.

The second Business Academy will start at 2pm on Saturday 18th August in Heathrow, with a full afternoon of learning, action taking and goal setting. The afternoon will be followed by an early evening summer social of canapes and networking. We are excited to have Paul Blad, Presidential Executive from the US, join us for the whole Academy session to help create the vision for the UK upto and beyond 2020!

The event is open to all UK team members wishing to grow and learn and be instrumental in the growth of Synergy within the UK.

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Mark the date in your diary and book your tickets already!

Date: 18th August
Time: 2pm – 7pm
Where: The Holiday Inn – Heathrow
For: All UK team members
Hosts: Kim & Simon Bradley, Sue Thomas and Jon Burgess

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