Synergy Sponsored Moto Racer Shares his Experience

In order to compete at the top of the Italian Speed Championship (CIV), racers must remain in peak condition to handle the tempo of one of the fastest sports in the world.

Synergy sponsored athlete Matteo Ciprietti is no stranger to the concept of hard work. He trains daily to keep both his mind and body sharp, and he relies on Synergy products to help take his preparations to the levels required in such a demanding sport.

“Synergy products are always with me. The morning starts immediately at 100 percent thanks to PhytoLife and FL-3X,” said Ciprietti. “During my morning and afternoon workouts, the mix between ProArgi-9+ and e9 gives me the energy to remain concentrated and strong for a long time. I take these two products even before getting on the bike, and they give me the right charge!”

With this nutritional support system, Cirpietti feels confident in his ability to master the machinery and asphalt below him during the upcoming CIV season. He is fully committed to testing the limits of his body and is grateful to have the uncompromised quality of Synergy’s supplements empowering him throughout each step.

We are proud to have such phenomenal athletes representing the Synergy brand and wish Matteo and his team a successful 2018!



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