We are simplifying the way you earn new titles by taking advancement qualifications back to the program you once knew and loved.

Last year’s Title Volume enhancement was a helpful test run that produced some benefits, but was not as easy to digest as the original Title Advancement program. It’s important to note that reverting to the original program will not affect highest pin titles achieved in 2017.

Here is how you will advance to new titles in 2018: The CV accumulated on your weak leg dictates your title level. When you reach a new pin title, it means you have accumulated a predetermined amount of CV on your weak leg. Title Recognition Levels

Star: 500 CV
Bronze: 1,500 CV
Silver: 3,000 CV
Gold: 4,500 CV
Team Leader: 6,000 CV
Team Manager: 14,000 CV
Team Director: 30,000 CV
Team Elite: 60,000 CV
Pearl Executive: 100,000 CV
Emerald Executive: 200,000 CV
Diamond Executive: 300,000 CV
Presidential Executive: 400,000 CV
Double Presidential Executive: 800,000 CV
Triple Presidential Executive: 1,200,000 CV
Legacy Executive: 2,000,000 CV

We wish you the best of luck as you work toward your next pin title. We are here to help you every step of the way!



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