Webinar: New Synergy Website

Synergy WorldWide will be hosting a special webinar to bring our Team Members up-to-speed on the brand new Synergy website. Join us on Thursday, November 9, for this exciting webinar hosted by Marketing Communications Specialist, Taylor Barton. Join us as we share the ins-and-outs of Synergy's new corporate site and the new, high-quality features offered there.

Webinar ID: 960-493-987

Date: Thursday, November 9.
Time: 19.00 GMT

Do not miss this Webinar event! Invite your colleagues to join and become masters of the brand new Synergy corporate site!

Note: This webinar will be hosted for audiences in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Ireland. Though the presenter's screen will show the US version of the website, the content discussed will be applicable to all Synergy markets.



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