Congratulations 9x Elite Honors qualifiers!

We are absolutely amazed by the number of Synergy Team Member who became Elite Honors qualified for the ninth month in a row in September.

A total of 407 phenomenal business builders are being recognized for this outstanding achievement. We could not be more pleased with the outcome! All of these individuals have earned an exclusive Elite Honors jacket.

Additionally, we’d like to extend our congratulations to all those who became Elite Honors qualified for the third or sixth time between July and September. You are well on your way to earning your Elite Honors jacket!

Here is a list of all 9x qualifiers in your market:

Elite 1200

Keith Robinson

Helen Prosper
Liz James
Grant & Sue Sharp
Sue Thomas
Chris & Andrea Gerry
Emma Backshall
Jane Sedgley & Lesley Anwar

Elite 600

Mandy Blaney & Daniel Gallagher
Warren Fox
Maria Corbet
Emeka & Prisca Okakpu
Adetutu Odufuwa
Marcus Prouse

Jeremy Townsend
Teri Rigby
Kim & Simon Bradley
Nicola Hok
Inger Lise Howarth
Jenny Hok
Steven J. Innes
Julie Kirby
Caroline Gillam
Jacqui Carleton
Nathan Beacham
Laura Hopper
Lynne & Martin Davies
Catherine Wilton
Adrian & Sara Gregory
Julia Riewald
Helen & Phil Fetzer
Marjorie Ker
Jonathan Burgess
Rebecca Winters
Kim & Terry Briggs
Marlene Williams
Sarah Andrews
Kerry Madgwick
Gill Barham
Deirdre & Simon Peck
Angie Watson
Vicky Farmer
Malcolm Ford
Julie Dalton
Dinah & Mark Smith
Sarah & Ian Chambers
Norma Corney
Jacqueline Hodson
Monica Gallen
Sally Varley
Rob Dulieu
Claire Johnston
Susan Ritchie
Sarah Shaw
Anne Wright
Ulrika Almqvist
Lyndsay Sadler
Sara Branch
Rachael Dobson
Rosalie Miles
Monika Margetts
Sally Todd
Faye Sealy
Norma Bingley
Anthony Jackson
Joanne Buckley
Maria Reid
Andrea Brookes
Karen Rainey
Kevin Bhunjun
Annie Holmes
Bridget Lucas
Nicola Kenworthy
Kathleen Roberts
Debbie Atkins

For a full list of repeat qualifiers, CLICK HERE.

Fantastic work everyone! Your ability to hit qualification levels again and again proves your talent, passion, and dedication to helping others lead healthier, happier lives.



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