May 2017 Elite Honors Qualifiers

In May, more than 1,000 Team Members became Elite Honors qualified. Amazing! We are impressed by the passion and commitment of these Team Members as they begin this new year. We are looking forward to seeing the Elite Honors Club continue to grow, and to the new levels of success that will be achieved as these qualifiers build on this momentum.

Plus, through the Go Elite promotion, Team Members following the program can earn extra rewards by doing what they have always done—building a successful business.

Congratulations to everyone who has achieved Elite Honors so far! 

Elite 2400

Keith Robinson (Ireland) 5x
Steven J. Innes (United Kingdom) 5x
Helen Prosper (United Kingdom) 5x
Emma Backshall (United Kingdom) 5x

Elite 1200

April Dowdall (Ireland) 1x
Emeka & Prisca Okakpu (Ireland) 5x
Marcus Prouse (Ireland) 5x
Phillip Igiehon (Ireland) 1x
Sally MacLeod (United Kingdom) 5x
Liz James (United Kingdom) 5x
Colin Griggs (United Kingdom) 1x
Grant & Sue Sharp (United Kingdom) 5x
Rebecca Winters (United Kingdom) 5x
Kim & Terry Briggs (United Kingdom) 5x
Sue & Matt Thomas (United Kingdom) 5x
Chris & Andrea Gerry (United Kingdom) 5x
Lucy Howe (United Kingdom) 2x
Sarah Andrews (United Kingdom) 5x
Sylvia Krcahova (United Kingdom) 3x
Jane Sedgley Lesley Anwar (United Kingdom) 5x
Shadi Danin (United Kingdom) 2x
Lyndsay Sadler (United Kingdom) 5x
Rachael Dobson (United Kingdom) 5x
Jillian Anderson (United Kingdom) 4x
Clare Richardson (United Kingdom) 3x
Amal Parr (United Kingdom) 2x
Elzbieta Zwarysiewicz (United Kingdom) 3x
Charlotte Housley (United Kingdom) 3x
Augustine Attah (United Kingdom) 1x

Elite 600

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Congratulations to everyone who has achieved Elite Honors so far. The dedication and passion you have for building a successful Synergy business is impressive. We would like to thank you for your wonderful work ethic and belief, as well as the examples you are to all those looking to Leave a Legacy of their own.



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