Spring 2017 Legacy eMagazine

The spring 2017 Legacy eMagazine is here and is packed with all things Elite Health and the quarter’s most notable moments.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A special message from Vice President of Europe Carmelo D’Anzi
  • A look into the recent Back to Basics event in Jesolo
  • A new video from Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp talking about the Purify Program
  • An infographic presenting the factors that weaken the microbiome
  • A salute to Synergy Europe’s newest Team Elite
  • A long and impressive list of Europe’s 3-time Elite Honors qualifiers
  • Important details about Summit 2017 in Barcelona


Missed an issue? No problem! Scroll to the bottom of the eMagazine’s home page and click “View Past Issues” to travel back in time.



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