Team Manager Academy Reflections

By Kim Bradley

This year I felt very blessed to be able to attend Team Manager Academy at the Team Leader level as a result of the UK promotion which ran from February to May 2014.

The whole experience was amazing from start to finish, and I soon realised what a pivotal point in your Synergy career attendance to TMA is. Being the only person from my team that attended this year, my number one thought was how many people could I help attend TMA next year. I clearly understand now that once you attend TMA, there is no shadow of a doubt that you will want to go back the following year bringing individuals from your team with you. Therefore, it soon became obvious how important it is to strive to get yourself there, because the passion and purpose behind this goal starts with you and then ricochets onto your team when you come home and share your experiences.

I found there is great value in making connections with other European leaders. They give me so many creative ideas, and I've learned a lot by listening to their business ideas. This, in itself, was a valuable learning experience.

From an emotional point of view, you feel so very supported by Synergy the company and the other leaders. The sheer luxury of the surroundings and hotel were so breath-taking; it was clear that Synergy is deeply grateful for all we do as I was left feeling deeply grateful that Synergy found me.

Events like TMA--and the forthcoming Barcelona Summit in September--re-affirm the belief that you can achieve greatness and abundance. The leadership training will inspire you and help you to become an inspiring leader yourself. It cannot be emphasised enough that spending quality time with people who are positive, solution-oriented, genuinely care about others and do all they can to focus on your success rather than their own is deeply rewarding to the soul.

I look forward to seeing you at Team Manager Academy next year!



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