UK & IRE April Training Events!

UK Business Training Event

... with special guest, Pearl Executive Bart Woodcook

When: Saturday, 12 April, 10 am - 2 pm
Where: Park Inn Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow
Description: Join us for this special Business Training Event which takes place at the Park Inn Hotel in Heathrow. We are excited to welcome Pearl Executive, Bart Woodcook as our special guest.

As a seasoned network marketer, Bart Woodcook, Pearl Executive, has learned what it takes to achieve success within the industry. Experience has taught him that with the right company - combined with a tireless work ethic, unwavering dedication to your team, and sustained passion for a proven product – success will always abound.

Bart and his organisation were instrumental in the opening of Synergy 's European markets and have been a major factor in the company's explosive European growth. Bart currently resides in Spain having moved there in January of this year in order to be closer to his European team. He is very committed to doubling the size of Synergy in the UK and will be a frequent visitor!
If you are serious about your Synergy business but would like it to be growing faster with more duplication...then Bart can help you achieve just that!

*Everyone who comes and registers at the door gets entered into a prize draw to win a FREE V3!*

Registration: 10 am
Business Training: 10.30 am
Recognition: 11.30 am
Lunch & Strategising with Bart: 12.00 -1.50 pm

Contact Rob with any questions by emailing him at

Ireland Monthly Opportunity & Training Event

When: Saturday, 26 April, 10 am - 2 pm
Where: Citywest Hotel, Dublin
Description: Join us for our monthly Opportunity & Training event which takes place at the CityWest Hotel in Dublin. This is an event for both distributors and their guests to learn more about Synergy, our fantastic life-changing products and our unrivalled compensation plan. Plus, learn all of the essential skill sets you need to be an effective and successful networker, so you can consistently grow your Synergy business!

We encourage you to bring your guests with you as we learn from the very best and also recognise those who are achieving great things in their business, and enhancing the lives of so many throughout Ireland.

*Everyone who brings a guest gets entered into a prize draw to win a FREE V3!*

Registration: 10.30 am
Opportunity Presentation & Product Training: 11 am
Product Tasting & Networking: 12 - 12.30 pm
Lunch: 12.30 - 1.30 pm
Business & Leadership Development Training: 1.30 pm
Recognition: 2.30 pm

Contact Rob with any questions by emailing him at



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