2014 Brings More Rewards than Ever Before!

Rob Lord, Western Europe General Manager
Synergy Western Europe (UK, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands) finished 2013 really strong and the last quarter saw hundreds more people sponsored into the Synergy family with the opportunity to dramatically improve not only their own life and financial future, but also those they care about. The momentum generated continued into 2014 as we gathered for our Kick-Off Events in the first week of February in Dublin, Heathrow and Benidorm. We had over 350 Team Members and guests across the three events as we celebrated January’s achievements and launched four exciting new promotions!

1. 2X2 Builder Bonus 
2. New Title Reward Bonus
3. Barcelona Summit Promotion
4. Dan Higginson Event Challenge

Please click on the links above for full details on all of the promotions.

Also at our Kick-Off events we were privileged to receive the best product training ever delivered in Western Europe, by LaMar Widscome, Director of Global Programmes. LaMar shared some truly brilliant insights into our V3 products and synergistic effects in the body together with information on external studies and research being carried out. This further backed-up our own findings and testimonies of these phenomenal products!

We were also grateful to have Paul Blad, Presidential Executive with us who shared his passion and belief in the company, products and compensation plan and how our Team Members truly are in the right company…at the right time!

There have never been as many rewards on the table for Western Europe Team Members and you have a real opportunity every month to be rewarded even more for all your hard work building your Synergy business. The great thing about these promotions is that they all interlink with one another. As you build your own 2X2 pods, and encourage your team members to build theirs, you earn £162/€200 for each one. At the same time, your business grows in the right way with the right foundation and you will see you and your team rank advance to new titles much quicker…thereby allowing you to avail of the New Title Reward Bonuses.

I am really looking forward to seeing many of your rank advance to the titles of Team Leader and Team Manager between now and 31st May to qualify for our fantastic Team Manager Academy in Austria in June!

Building 2X2 pods with everyone on Autoship, maintaining and advancing ranks also gives you the points towards qualifying to be one of our Barcelona Top 10 achievers each month for the chance to win free accommodation at the Summit, or and iPad Mini or iPod Nano…and more!

The points for these activities also contribute to the inter-country team challenge for the right to host Dan Higginson’s training event in May. I am excited to see which country from the UK, Ireland and Spain will rise to the challenge and at the end of April will be able to say that they have truly earned some very special training…and time…with our founder and mentor.

Please make the most of what is on offer for all of you and your team over the coming months. If you maximise your efforts and focus your team on all the extra rewards they can achieve, it will be a pivotal time in your Synergy business and one you will look back on as a real springboard for future successes.

As ever, thank you for all you are doing to share the Synergy story and good luck!




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