Unni Furseth Warpe: Spain's new Team Leader!

From: Alicante, Spain
Enrolled: November 2012
Sponsor: Francisco Garrido Fernandez
Personal sponsorships: 22
Commissions earned so far: About €3000 working only a few hours a week

Unni is a real team player who exemplifies our company ethos of serving others. As well as helping her Team Members build their businesses, she also helps out with translating as she speaks and writes perfect English, and speaks Spanish and Norwegian. 

Rob Lord, General Manager for Western Europe, said, "Unni is a fantastic person and I am so grateful that she is part of Team España! Most Spanish Team Members speak limited English, so whenever I need things translated Unni is always there to help me, even though it is tiring and means that she cannot just sit back and enjoy listening to speakers or general conversations. She translated for two days solid at our Korean Summit last week, but she never complained; she is so willing to serve. She will be so successful with her Synergy business because she is so committed to helping others; she is so selfless. I am looking forward to recognising her future achievements on the stage at our next European Summit in Barcelona!"

How were you introduced to Synergy and what attracted you?

Our Insurance Agent Francisco gave us the information. I was out of the office at that moment, but he left some brochures. When I looked through them, my eyes fell directly on two possible areas where the products could help; two big problems for my daughters. I couldn’t stop reading the brochures. I had had a very bad experience with MLM in the past and the only thing that bothered me was the thought of getting involved with something similar one more time. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the promise I had made to keep searching for something that could help my kids and this really looked good. So I called Francisco and asked him to come back and tell me some more. 

Honestly, I had already decided to give it a try before the presentation, but the things I heard and saw made it even easier. I told Francisco I was not interested in hearing about big, rich men and how easy it is to make a fortune with network marketing. I would not attend any meetings to hear about some stranger’s success stories. As I saw it, the problem with Synergy was the networking part of it. 

So to start with, the big attraction was the products. Of course, I discovered very soon that Synergy Worldwide is the perfect company to be attached to, and that bad experiences shouldn’t stop you from trying again.

Which is your favourite product and why?

I could never choose one! As soon as I put my feet on the floor every morning, I look forward to my glass of ProArgi9+ before preparing breakfast. I adore Mistify and I have my bottle of PhytoLife water with me wherever I go! 

I now know the enormous importance of giving my body all the nutrients it needs, every day. All the body systems are interconnected and I won’t choose one or two as the most important, but they must all work perfectly together. That is why I know that I need ProArgi9+, Mistify and PhytoLife together, every day.

To be honest, I think of the three products as one!

What is a typical day for you when you are building your business?

My typical days are crazy! We have so much work at the law firm and it is very difficult to prepare everything in such detail from one day to another. But, of course, I always keep my appointments with my Synergy prospects, clients and Team Members.

My days, except Sunday, include the following: one new contact by phone, mail or face to face, it doesn't matter how, but I contact one person per day minimum. Sometimes, it is not really a Synergy contact, but I call someone to get in touch again after a long time intending to talk about Synergy the next time. I check my Pulse site and the blog.

If I receive any emails from my upline, I read them and if recommended, send them to my downline. I read at least one thing about the company, the products or issues that can help me with my business, whether it's network marketing, nutrition, communication, etc.

Not every day, but at least every week, I contact my Team Members to see if they need some help, or tell them about things I have learned that might help them. Some need or want more contact with me than others.

How many hours do you work it each week?

Due to my work commitments and a million other things that mothers have to do, the hours vary depending on the week. Some days I can manage two or three hours, but others I only find the time to make my one new contact. But I think the average time per week is around ten hours, plus another five to study whatever I find that can be of help.

What would you say has been the biggest factor in your success so far?

I have no doubt that my modest success so far is due to my total conviction that I am helping people have a better life when I tell them about Synergy. It would be impossible for me to recommend something I don’t believe in. 

In the beginning, I didn’t have this security as you need some time to learn everything and get accustomed to talking with people about something that is new to you. My upline was also very important. My sponsor was always available, and I was also so lucky to have his sponsor and further upline. I was never alone.

But now that I finally understand I am really helping other people through the products and the business offered by Synergy, there is nothing that can stop me! 

Who has helped you to build your business?

Mariano del Castillo has always been there, giving advice, answering questions, helping out with presentations and cheering me up when I needed it! He has been very important all these months. Alfonso Vilches, my sponsor’s sponsor, has answered every call and talked to whomever I needed help with. He offered so much assistance with technical problems. And, of course, my husband Karl has been a big help. We work together and enjoy it!

What activities do you engage in to help your team and organisation?

I attend every meeting and online conference when I have time and always contact my Team Members to make sure they also do their best to be there. My husband and I have a lunch with our local distributors every Friday and I have online conferences in Norwegian once a week for our Norway Team Members. We meet as often as we can and I send at least one email a week with news, suggestions and encouragement.

What goals are you working towards at the moment?

Now that I have reached my big, personal goal for this year, rank advancing to Team Leader, my only goal is helping my Team Members achieve their goals. Times are not easy in Spain these days and we need to keep together and help each other out. 

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone new to Synergy WorldWide, what would you tell them?

I have two pieces of advice: don’t rush and do believe it when your sponsor says that he or she is there to help you. I made those two typical mistakes. I couldn't wait to tell everybody about these wonderful products and at the same time I was afraid to waste my sponsor’s time so I didn't ask for help. It is so important to start the right way! You can always talk to people about signing up, but that really doesn't make much sense if you’re not prepared to first learn how to take care of them afterward.



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