Two Top Synergy Leaders are in London

Special training event with
Dianne & Lorin Leavitt, Double Presidential Executives

Synergy WorldWide Europe is excited to announce that on Tuesday, 4 June, 2013, Double Presdential Executives Dianne and Lorin Leavitt will be holding a very special training event for all Synergy Team Members and their guests!

Dianne and Lorin, members of the Million Dollar Club, were the second business in Synergy to reach the Double Presidential ranking. Few people can match their passion and energy for Synergy! Their charisma and warmth, as a couple and individually, make them natural leaders who stand out in any crowd. They are friends to everyone they meet and exude a powerful conviction that has helped them become outstanding mentors to thousands of Synergy Team Members worldwide.

"When you're a leader, that means managing a huge number of people and helping them to become better," Dianne said. "We love that part of the job—it's really one of the great benefits of network marketing. By helping other people become better and achieve their goals, you grow yourself and become a better person."

Dianne and Lorin are grateful for what their Synergy business has brought to their lives, not only in terms of their true residual income and the positive impact on their family, but also what it brings them in their friendships.

"We're grateful for (CEO) Dan Higginson, as well as for all the Team Members who have sacrificed to make Synergy what it is today," Dianne said.

This event is a must for all Team Members who want to build a successful Synergy business and is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the very best!

Make sure you encourage all of your team to attend and bring their guests so we can help them find a solution in obtaining health and wealth.

Venue: Park Inn, Heathrow
Time: 8-10 p.m.
Cost: Just £5.00 for Team Members. Guests are FREE!
Host: Rob Lord, General Manager for Western Europe

Contact Rob Lord for further details at



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