New Team Leader in Ireland - Mandy Blaney

As a company, we congratulate Mandy Blaney – Ireland’s newest Team Leader. In a short period of time, Mandy has built a strong team and has experienced great success with Synergy’s products and compensation plan. We know this is only the beginning for Mandy and we look forward to her continued success as she builds her Synergy business in Ireland. In congratulating Mandy, these are the words she shared:

“I've been around network marketing for over 20 years and it wasn't until I was introduced to Synergy WorldWide that I became passionate about the products and possibilities!

Attending the Synergy Summit in Copenhagen was a turning point for me. I set a goal to become Team Leader and it happened. I feel the best thing about achieving any goal is that one can use their goals and successes to inspire growth and development of future leaders when they believe it can happen for them as well!

It’s an absolute pleasure to work with such a great team of professionals. The mentorship and encouragement of my upline and colleagues in the Irish Team has been second to none. I find it a privilege to work with Synergy Worldwide, a world leader in network marketing.

My advice to anyone building their Synergy business would be to write down your goals and draw up a plan of action that matches them. Stay focused and don't let anyone steal your dream. Your business will grow as big as you believe it can.

I wish everyone the success they're willing to work for and look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world.”

Again, congratulations Mandy!



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