Marek Amrosz - First Team Leader in Poland!

Congratulations to Marek Amrosz for becoming Synergy’s first Team Leader in Poland!

Marek Amrosz is very active in his community and enjoys working with people, especially the youth. He is passionate about hiking and has spent a considerable amount of time organizing hiking trips for youth groups and tourists throughout Poland. He has built his professional career in tourism and has managed several tourist agencies throughout the country.

Marek was first introduced to Synergy WorldWide while searching the Czech Republic website. After analyzing Synergy’s marketing plan, he got into his car and drove from Warsaw to Prague to attend the grand opening of Synergy Czech Republic. Recognizing the opportunity before him, Marek wasted no time and signed up in September 2009.

After joining the company, Marek resigned from his job in tourism and started working on his Synergy Business full time. He worked tirelessly convincing Team Members that Synergy would eventually open in Poland as was promised to him by Dan Higginson. Now that Poland is up and running, Marek is committed to making Synergy Poland a success.

20 days after the Poland launch, Marek became Team Leader, and is well on his way to becoming Team Director by the end of the year. He has a goal to be either Pearl or Emerald Executive by December, 2013 and Presidential Executive by 2015! Marek is working hard to be financially independent with Synergy. He looks forward to traveling and residing in warmer climates during the winter months. Most of all, he has a sincere desire to help others achieve their goals and dreams. His life motto is "I accept others as they are, without obtaining from them any kind of satisfaction."

Marek currently resides in Poland with his wife and enjoys spending time with his three children and grandchild. Congratulations Marek!



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