May 2011 Newsletter

Hello everyone!
It’s amazing to see that we’ve now gone from March madness to May mayhem in a whirl of unbelievable growth! April was another exceptional month with absolutely no sign of slowing down. We continue to experience momentum like never before as more Team Members move up the ranks on a daily basis.
Your hard work, dedication, and passion is unmatched and, as a company, we’re proud to have each of you by our side as we share our powerful message of health.

Last month, in Galway, we had a powerful meeting filled with incredible learning as excellent speakers enlightened all those in attendance. Guest speaker, Dr. Frank Jester from Germany, spoke on the importance of nutrition as it relates to our individual health. I feel we left that meeting with a renewed energy and confidence in all that Synergy has to offer.
If you missed this meeting, I invite you to make whatever plans necessary to join us for any of our meetings being held this month in both the UK and Ireland. Details for these meetings can be accessed on our Synergy blog – click here now. Each month we will be holding meetings so that you and your team members have the opportunity to expand your own knowledge as well as for those who are interested in joining our ever expanding European team.
In addition to the monthly meetings, we have also introduced a one-stop-click for your training needs – Synergy Essentials. This new website will provide brief trainings on the product, company, compensation plan, and social media. By accessing this online resource, you and your team members can receive training day or night.

April 2011 Rank Advancements
I would like to congratulate our wonderful Team Members who are reaching new heights with their Synergy business. Success comes with sacrifice, dedication, and most importantly-team work. Your examples of leadership and hard work are inspiring and on behalf of Synergy WorldWide – I thank you for all you do.
Brendan Kennelly, Ireland
Brendan Barrett, Ireland
Padraig Naughton, Ireland
Hazel Carter, Ireland
Khadija Suleman, UK
William Martin, Ireland
Joanna E. Tocher, UK
Michael & Joan Harrington, Ireland
Dumisani Gumpo, UK
Campbell Young, UK
Lesley White, UK
Munawar & Shakila Hassan, UK
Zia Haque, UK
Joseph Denis Lyne, Ireland
John Macdermott, Ireland
The Training Partners LTD, UK
Jennifer Rhule, UK
Lillian Ndawula, UK
Kweku Ata-amonoo, UK
Karen Wade, UK
Linda Falconer, UK
While on the VIP tour in February, the audience was asked, “What is the most important part of Synergy WorldWide?” Some answered, “Dan Higginson,” and others said “ProArgi-9 Plus”. While both answers are essential components to Synergy’s success – the most important part is YOU! Without you we would not be able to get our products to the people who need them. So, I express to you my appreciation and look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting this month!
Yours in health,
Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland&UK
Synergy WorldWide



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