January 2011 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Each New Year brings with it a fresh start - an opportunity to identify and work on areas for desired improvement. After a successful 2010, we now move into a year, which I believe, will be our best year yet. The previous 12 months have been filled with incredible experiences that have taught us how to be successful. We can now use this valuable knowledge to accelerate our business into 2011. As we do so, it’s important to identify the basics of the business that provide stability and clear the way for continued success. So, what are the basics behind a successful business?

A basic principle of success at every level is to determine your end goal. As we embark on this New Year, I invite you to determine what you want to achieve with your Synergy business. Once you’ve determined your goal for 2011, you can then map out your objectives for each month and outline your road map of how you’ll achieve what you’re aiming for.

Your Synergy business is similar to that of a journey. A plan is an essential component to a successful trip. Goals aren’t always easy to do; in fact, I’ve found that most people in this business find it is the most difficult part. However, if you listen to the top performers of Synergy WorldWide, each of them stresses the fundamental importance of establishing goals. People often avoid goals out of fear of failure, or even at times, the fear of success. Let us put our fears aside in 2011 and prepare ourselves for success. Incorporate this basic principle of goal setting into your business and have your team follow your lead.

The second key principle, and one I cannot stress enough, is Autoship. This program is the bread and butter of our business. It is the key to long term residual income. Not only does it provide convenience for you and your customers, but it also adds predictability to your individual businesses. By having people in your organization on Autoship, it allows you to calculate and count on a base amount of monthly volume regardless of how many consumer orders are placed. Autoship participation also enhances our level of commitment and should be included as part of the overhead cost of being a business owner. As commitment levels increase, often times success follows. This year, Autoship needs to be one of our main focuses.

I thank each of you for your hard work. I appreciate your efforts and dedication to Synergy WorldWide. Now, let me recognise those people who are moving up the ranks of success:

James Booth, Ireland

Bernadette Clavin, Ireland
Ted Tuohy, Ireland

David O’Meara, Ireland
Andrew Connor, Ireland
Noel Taylor, UK
Simon Bird, Ireland
Mandy Blaney, Ireland

Remember, building your own business and helping your team to do the same is as important as each other. Only by helping others will you truly reach the top.

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Leave a Legacy

Stacey Ryan
Synergy WorldWide
Area Manager, Ireland&UK



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