October Newsletter

Team Members,

The fall months are officially here, which in this industry means one thing – increased activity. The summer months, which typically are known for being ‘slow months’, were full of success. I commend each of you for your hard work and dedication that made this possible. If we can keep up this momentum, then winter will be off the charts!

With Christmas on the horizon, thoughts are often turned to family and the things that matter most to us. Consequently, this also becomes a time of year when people are in greater need. Now, more than ever, people are looking for a way to make an extra few Euros. Health also becomes an issue as the crispness in the air often brings an increased susceptibility to colds and the flu.

Our products and the Synergy business opportunity becomes a solution to these needs. I encourage each of you to analyze your business plans. Think about these common needs that people have and find a way to help others catch the vision of what Synergy WorldWide and our V3 products can do for them.

NEW Fast Start Promotion

On October 1 we launched an incredible promotion involving the Fast Start Bonus. Lasting through the end of February 2011, ALL CV associated with a new sign-up will be kept within your organization. That’s right; no CV will be removed to payout Fast Start Bonus!

This increase in volume will result in more rank advancements, an increase in residual income, and widespread success felt by Team Members throughout Europe! Never before has there been such a promotion that will drive your business to success.

There’s no better time than the present! This business opportunity, combined with our products and this new promotion sets the stage for success to be experienced by everyone. I invite you to share this exciting news with your teams and with potential prospects everywhere!

Click here for a printable version of the Fast Start promotion details.

Rank Advancements

Congratulations to each of you who worked so hard this last month to achieve a rank advancement. Your dedication and passion for this business does not go unnoticed! I look forward to seeing your name appear on many more recognition lists to come. Well done!

Liam Kennedy, Ireland

Robbie Ward, Ireland

Bridget Heavey, Ireland
Damien Kelly, Ireland
Gerald Joyce, Ireland
Helen Drea, Ireland
David Allen, Ireland
Jeremy Townsend, UK
Steve and Metcalfe Derham Kevin, UK
James Booth, UK

Let us take advantage of each moment of each day. Time is a fragile thing, and if we let it, before we know it, it will pass us by. Each one of you is capable of great things and as you work with your teams, new levels never before imagined will be achieved! I encourage you to take the initiative and take action today. As you roll up your sleeves, become engaged in your Synergy business, and help your team succeed, your future dreams will become a reality.

To look for upcoming meetings and events in your area and around the country, click here. If you’d like to post your meeting on the blog, please email me at irelandukblog@gmail.com.

Leave a Legacy

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland & UK
Synergy WorldWide



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