Friday, September 07, 2018

Join us for a special call next Tuesday, featuring Synergy Vice President Carmelo D’Anzi and a panel of guests. 

As we approach the 2018 ELEVATE Summit in Torino, we invite you to join the call and build your excitement. Carmelo, Dan Higginson, along with several of Europe’s top Leaders, will discuss a few ways the Synergy Europe Summits have been and will be important in our countries and our businesses.

Tune in Tuesday, September 11 for the call. You can join online or by phone.

Date: Tuesday, September 11
Time: 7 PM

To join by phone:
- Phone number United Kingdom: +44 330 221 9914
- Phone number Ireland: +353 16 572 653
- Access code: 237-047-788
To join by online:

Not registered for 2018 Summit yet? Don’t worry! We are keeping online registration open until September 15, so there’s still time to register online.*

*Due to time restraints, those who register after Aug. 31 may not be recognized by name in Summit booklets, presentations, etc.

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