Triple Presidential Executives to Speak in Vienna!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When we tell you this year’s Summit will be the best in Synergy Europe history, we mean it. We want this to be the best weekend you’ve ever had with Synergy WorldWide, which is why Synergy’s two most successful leaders—Triple Presidential Executive Yun Tae Hwang of Korea and Triple Presidential Executive Mark Comer of the U.S.—will be there to inspire.

 Having both of Synergy’s first-ever Triple Presidential Executives speaking at the same event is a rare and special treat that we hope every Team Member in Europe takes advantage of. This is an especially exciting event for Yun Tae as it will be his first appearance at a Europe Summit!

These leaders’ brilliance and business expertise in network marketing is unmatched. If you want to find financial freedom with Synergy WorldWide, both Mark and Yun Tae are the best individuals to seek knowledge from.

Mark’s and Yun Tae’s presence at Summit 2016 is just the beginning of the powerful speaker lineup in store. There is so much to look forward to this September in Vienna and we don’t want you to miss any of it.

Summit Registration Fee Increases June 1

Friday, May 27, 2016

The clock is ticking and we want to make sure you claim your seat at Synergy Europe’s most exciting event to date, September 22-24 in Vienna, Austria. Some of the biggest announcements in Synergy history will be made at this event, and we don’t want you to miss it! Prices will increase on June 1!

Here’s a look at ticket prices:

Current €99
June 1, 2016 €129
September 22-24 €149

New Team Members who enroll after May 31 will be able to take advantage of the €99 price through August 31 by registering through Customer Service.

Team Members who are Elite Honors Qualified three times or above will be emailed a discount code for €59 registration.

Excitement for Summit 2016 is growing as September 22 approaches! This event is a culmination of the year’s successes and is a portal for Team Members to look into Synergy’s future. Be one of the first to look into Synergy WorldWide’s future.

Vision Tour a Tremendous Success!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

More than 1,500 Team Members throughout Europe filed into meeting rooms in Heathrow, Helsinki, Oslo, Bad Waltersdorf, and Warsaw, to listen to Nature’s Sunshine Products’ CEO Greg Probert, Synergy President Dan Norman, and Synergy Europe Vice President Carmelo D'Anzi as they revealed Synergy’s vision for the next five years and to meet these top executives face to face. 

There wasn’t an empty chair in sight at any of the meetings. Some of the individuals joining the meetings were viewing live streaming broadcasts in cities throughout Iceland, Finland, Norway, Germany, and more. 

The growth and excitement unfolding in Europe is tangible. Synergy Europe’s momentum can be attributed to top leader engagement and their clear vision of the future. Team Members are united in visualizing the big picture. Promises are being made and executed, including the opening of Synergy Europe Headquarters in Barcelona. The interaction between Synergy corporate and Team Members in the field is strong.

“What stood out to me at each of these events was the look in people’s eyes,” Carmelo said. “I knew they had developed a strong belief after listening to the message we had to share.”

The five-year plan was well received by every Synergy Team Member in attendance. At the beginning of a new era of growth for Synergy, the energy amongst Team Members is electric. We believe Synergy Europe will play do its part and more in bringing the five-year plan to fruition. Achieving the five-year plan goals will require a strong collective effort, but Synergy Europe is ready for the challenge.

Thank you to all of Europe’s hard-working general managers for their efforts in putting this well-attended tour together. Each one does a fantastic job and we can’t thank them enough for their support. 

Irish Phone & Fax Lines

Thursday, May 26, 2016


The phone and fax numbers in service for the Ireland markets are as follows:

Phone: 1800818366
Fax: 1800818367

Any other numbers that Irish Team Members  have are no longer valid, please use these numbers for all future communications. Irish forms will be updated to have the correct numbers as well.

Thank you for your patience!

Announcing the Spring 2016 Legacy eMagazine!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The spring 2016 Legacy eMagazine is here with more exciting information than ever before. Catch up on all of Synergy’s new developments in 2016 and learn a few new things to help your business. In this issue, you’ll read a list of exciting new things:

  1. THREE NEW V3 SYSTEM INFOGRAPHICS! Add these to your bag of marketing tools
  2. A video message to Team Members from Synergy President Dan Norman
  3. Vice President Carmelo D’Anzi experience at the grand opening of Synergy Europe Headquarters
  4. Advice on how to craft your elevator pitch
  5. New executive Team Member spotlights from around the world!
All of this and much more can be found inside!

Missed an issue? No problem! Click on the “View Past Issues” button at the bottom of the page to see all of Synergy’s past eMagazines!

Be sure to watch for the next edition of the Legacy eMag coming out this fall after the Vienna Summit!

Upcoming Opportunity Meetings

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Join UK Leaders and fellow Team Members at our upcoming Opportunity Meetings across the UK. These meetings are meant for you and your teams to bring prospects to hear about Synergy’s life-enhancing products and how they provide a business opportunity to earn a monthly residual income!

See upcoming dates for these Opportunity Meetings below:

Thursday May 26th, 7pm
West Rocks Hotel, Eastbourne
Host: Helen Prosper

Saturday May 28th, 1.30pm
Chelmsford Racecourse, Chelmsford
Host: Paul Flint

Monday June 6th, 7pm
Miramar Hotel, Bournemouth
Host: Dinah Smith

Tuesday June 7th, 7pm
Novotel Worsley, Manchester
Host: Rob Lord

Wednesday June 8th, 7pm
Warwick Hilton, Stratford
Host: Rob Lord

Thursday June 9th, 12.30pm
Truscott Arms, Mada Vale, London
Host: Sue & Matt Thomas

Tuesday June 14th, 12.30
Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton Nottinghom
Host: Sue & Matt Thomas

Wednesday June 15th, 7pm
Almondsbury Interchange Hotel, Bristol
Host: Sue & Matt THomas

Thursday June 16th, 7pm
Venue TBC

For more information contact Rob Lord, Western Europe GM:

New General Manager for Germany, Austria, and Slovenia!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

We are eager to introduce the newest addition to Synergy Europe’s management team—Nader Poordeljoo!

Nader was introduced to network marketing 15 years ago and been involved in the industry ever since.

Nader was born in Iran and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 13. After finishing his schooling in the Netherlands, Nader moved to Germany in 2001 and still lives there today. He speaks Farsi, Dutch, German, and English.

Upon moving to Germany, Nader began working for ERGO Group, a global insurance company, and shortly after discovered network marketing. Nader built businesses with a few network marketing companies, including ACN, until he landed a record deal. His music career took off and a number of his songs were chart-toppers.

After a rewarding stretch in the music industry, Nader returned to the business world and became the sales manager for a company in the construction industry that entrusted him with managing new business in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. He was then hired as head of sales for a German telecommunications company, and most recently, found himself in a sales position on the corporate side of network marketing.

ViSalus hired Nader in 2014 as a sales manager to facilitate the opening of its Germany and Austria markets. It was during this time that Nader met and worked closely with Vice President of Europe Carmelo D’Anzi. Nader was responsible for market development, marketing and sales support, and event management.

Between Nader’s successful experiences in the field, in direct selling corporate management, and his passion for entrepreneurism, Nader is the perfect fit for this position.

Nader has seamlessly become a part of the Synergy family and we are eager to watch the future of Germany, Austria, and Slovenia unfold under his leadership.

Congratulations April Go Elite Earners

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An elite group of  Synergy Team Members went beyond the call of duty in April by not only becoming Elite Honors Qualified, but training those they sponsor to become Elite Honors Qualified. By fulfilling the Elite Honors requirements and sponsoring requirements, these Team Members earned Go Elite bonuses based on the number of Elite Honors Qualifiers they sponsored. Click here to learn more about the Go Elite Promotion.

Synergy WorldWide paid out £21800 in Go Elite bonuses in April. Amazing! We hope that this payout will continue to increase until the Go Elite promotion ends on August 31, 2016.

Challenge yourself to Go Elite this month!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Join us WEDNESDAY, MAY 25 for a special webinar discussing the important role played by the Hughes Center for Research & Innovation. Global Marketing Programs Manager Jake Rothfels will discuss the basic operations of the center, its many benefits and its importance in the health & wellness industry.

Note: This webinar will be presented in English and will not be recorded.

Title: Synergy and the Hughes Center
Date: Wednesday, May 25
Time: 7.30 p.m. BST
Webinar ID: 117-260-947

United Kingdom: +44 (0) 330 221 9922
Ireland: +353 (0) 15 360 755

Access Code: 211-472-481

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

We look forward to having you join us!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Severe health problems are common in Mirva’s family, which is why maintaining her own health is vitally important. Before growing older herself, she wanted to help her family’s health crises and in the process became interested in Synergy products in November 2011. She was quickly amazed by the products’ impact on her family’s health.

Mirva lives in Finland and is a nurse in addition to an entrepreneur. Because of her profession, Mirva knows an exceptional supplement when she sees one and stands behind Synergy products 100%.

“Reaching the Team Director level is a sign that more and more people are having good experiences with Synergy products and they are using the product more,” Mirva said.

Every year, Mirva leaves her legacy by giving back to various organizations, including a local children’s hospital in Finlan. As her Synergy business continues to grow, Mirva plans to increase her donations.

Synergy is a source of Mirva’s pride, she said, because there is nothing better than hearing the difference Synergy products have made in happy customers’ and distributors’ lives. She is looking forward to what the future holds for her and her team and knows that Synergy WorldWide has paved the way to optimal health.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Soon after earning his high school diploma in 2014, Stefan Dörfler of Austria was introduced to network marketing. The more he learned about the business model, the more fascinated he became. He realized his potential in network marketing was limitless and loved the idea that he could build a business with his friends. He is one of the youngest Team Directors in Synergy Europe.

He was first introduced to Synergy WorldWide in a presentation that focused on the company’s commitment to quality. At the time, he did not know he was learning about a network marketing company, but was impressed by the Team Members’ collective interest in improving worldwide health before earning commissions, which is the way he thinks it should be.

While Stefan wasn’t sure what level of success network marketing would bring him initially, he has exceeded his own expectations and realizes that he can achieve great things through Synergy. Stefan has always found it important to help those in his community, including his family, friends, and acquaintances, and because he does this every day through Synergy’s products and business opportunity, he has many proud achievements.

Since discovering network marketing, Stefan finished training as a “Mentaltrainer” and knows that this training helps him manage his Synergy business every day. He loves that his Synergy business allows him to take some time off without his finances suffering. He is proud to be a Team Director with Synergy WorldWide and he said it by no means the highest rank he will achieve.

“I know of no other industry in which one is so honored for his performance,” Stefan said. “It’s nice to know that none of the work I do is in vain.”

Stefan hopes to show his peers that it’s possible to be young and be a role model. He believes age is simply a number that should not dictate a person’s path. Instead, people must remember they are the creators of their destinies, no matter what stage of life they are in.

Synergy Products Aid Ultramarathon Runner

Monday, May 16, 2016

For most, finishing a marathon is an incredible feat of endurance and strength, but for ultramarathon runners, 42 km is just the beginning.

Ultramarathons are any race longer than the standard 42.195 km marathon. They range from anywhere between 50 km to thousands of kilometers, and some of these races take multiple days to complete.

For Marcel Höche, a Synergy sponsored athlete, these races are his life. At 22, the German ultrarunner is one of the youngest competitors in the sport. He is the German National Champion for the under-23s in ultrarunning and in 2015 he set a Best Performer 12h run for his category, meaning no competitor his age was running farther than him in a 12-hour period.

Marcel fell in love with competitive sports at 7-years old and ran his first ultramarathon when he was only 19. Since then, he has held a sincere passion for racing stating simply that it’s just what he likes to do.

His training is extensive and tedious, with daily routines constantly switching between long- distance runs (30 km at 4:20 per km) and speed sessions that allow him to push his body to its limits as an athlete. Due to the heavy physical toll caused by ultramarathons, Marcel began using Synergy products in February 2016 to help him train and to aid in his performance during competitions.

“When I started to train harder, I changed my diet and Synergy’s products have really helped me with that,” he said.

A big fan of Synergy’s V3 System, Marcel uses Mistify each day to help with the physical stress the sport places on his body.

He is also a firm believer in ProArgi-9+, using the products multiple times throughout the day both in training and in competition.

“I like e9 a lot, it has everything I need in a tough situation,” Marcel said. “Minerals, energy and amino acids. It really is a perfect mixture of everything that I need to perform well.”

But even with physical training, proper diet, and the help of supplemental nutrition, Ultramarathon runners are inevitably met with some very difficult moments.

“In every race I hit a wall,” Marcel said. “When that happens, it becomes incredibly difficult for me. The most extreme instance was when I set the 12 hour Best Performance in 2015.”

Marcel said that he had been running for over 7 hours and still needed another 5 hours in order to complete his performance, but his body was struggling and he started to shut down mentally.

“I began talking to myself,” he said. “I remember saying, ‘Marcel, it’s only one more marathon, just one more and then you will be the best in the world in your age class.’ I had to tell myself to keep going, to just do it. No matter what, I knew I needed to keep moving forward. And that mindset really saved me.”

Marcel has been actively competing in ultrarunning for the past 3 years, some of his latest achievements and results include:

  1. 3rd Overall - Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival 65 Km 30.04.2016
  2. 3rd Overall - Brocken-Challenge 13.02.2016
  3. 2nd Overall - Stadtoldendorfer 12-Stunden-Lauf 11.-12.07.2015

Marcel continues to perform at top levels within the sport and is looking forward to continuing his good form for future races. He has his sights set on an ultramarathon race in Germany this summer and is fully prepared to put everything he has into giving his best performance.

New Team Elites: Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Anna-Maija and Hannu have been entrepreneurs all their lives. As Finland’s newest Team Elites, they’ve proven that they can balance a busy home life and a profitable business. Anna-Maija has nearly three decades of experience in network marketing while Hannu joined later in the game when he realized how effective Synergy products really were. Together, they make a fantastic team that is respected and admired throughout Finland and Europe.

Anna-Maija and Hannu are thrilled to reach the Team Elite title, but say this achievement is just a stepping stone on their path to bigger dreams. In addition to their new pin title, Anna-Maija and Hannu earned the Go Elite 10 bonus for the first time in April, an achievement only a handful of Europeans have accomplished. Thanks to supportive and competitive friends within Synergy, and a special team building promotion in Scandinavia, the Kreivi’s were motivated to work especially hard in April, which resulted in their new title.

“It is through small streams of motivation that we generate great power,” Anna-Maija said.

The couple is proud of the professionalism that exists within their team and of the individual Team Members for their daily efforts to move the business forward. This professionalism didn’t just come about on its own, though. Anna-Maija and Hannu host numerous training meetings and information sessions every month to help their team with personal development. They believe that Team Members who are not continually engaged in self-development will have a more difficult time finding success with Synergy.

“A leader must always be ready to help,” Anna-Maija said. “A good leader must rely on Team Members and their ability to learn and grow. A good leader helps Team Members on an individual level to identify their development needs. It is important to make sure everyone finds success, because it is through success that we find motivation.”

Looking forward to their team’s future growth, Anna-Maija and Hannu plan to continue inspiring people to invest their time in Synergy’s vision and to develop strong, independent Synergy leaders. This, they believe, is what will bring financial independence and health to many.

“Because of Synergy, I have my health back,” Anna-Maija said. “I feel that my whole life has changed for the better, because the dreams we had in the past are happening. Synergy is a gift for which I am truly grateful. Health and prosperity can be found through Synergy for anyone who wants to receive it.”

New Team Elite: Teri Rigby

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Look out for this new powerhouse business woman. Just a few months after becoming a Synergy Team Member, Teri Rigby of the United Kingdom is one step away from reaching the executive ranks. With nearly 30 years of experience in network marketing, Teri came to Synergy with high goals and a team that has dreams to take Synergy UK and Synergy Europe to new levels of success. Since enrolling, Teri has recruited a number of talented, successful people to her team. What she has accomplished in such a short time is truly remarkable.

“These past few months have been chaos, but good chaos,” Teri said. “We are all making sure that we are doing things right from the beginning. My team is really excited even though everyone isn’t quite sure what they’re doing yet. What they do know is they’re doing something good. We’ve all caught the Synergy bug. There is such energy with Synergy.”

Teri said that upon joining Synergy WorldWide, a number of her business partners were engaged in the business part-time. Their excitement for Synergy and the future of Synergy has caused these individuals to become re-engaged in the business.

In the 70s, when Teri was 22 years old, she decided to become a network marketing distributor. Within the company she joined, she achieved their top level of success. Her husband’s job took her to Germany where they raised three children. Later, Teri moved back to the United Kingdom to join a network marketing company with her mother. After spending 20 years with this network marketing company, Teri became a top leader, but when opportunities in the UK dwindled for this company, she turned to a company with expanding opportunities: Synergy WorldWide.

“We’re going to bring a big Synergy wave to the UK,” Teri said. “To get this going my team is getting up earlier and going to bed later.”

In addition to becoming a Team Elite in April, Teri also earned the Go Elite 10 bonus, and said the Elite Honors earnings model has been hugely helpful to her team as they find their footing in the business. They latched onto the model immediately, and with Teri’s support, became Elite Honors qualified. Teri lives the concept of leading by example and knows that she cannot promote anything unless she is willing to do it herself.

 “My next goal it to make Pearl Executive before September, but my real, real goal is to get all of the people I work with to a level in the business where they are really achieving,” Teri said. “I feel responsible for making sure they do well and do well fairly quickly.”

Working with Synergy has been a breath of fresh air for Teri. The executives and leaders have been incredibly enthusiastic and supportive, and Synergy evokes a contagious youthful vibrancy that is spreading throughout her team. She feels the difference with Synergy is thrilled to think about what the future will bring.

April 2016 Elite Honors Qualifiers

Thursday, May 12, 2016 ,

The Elite Honors program is streamlining the way organizations do business with Synergy WordWide while maximizing each Team Member’s earning potential. Team Members following the program are seeing the extra rewards that are made possible through the Go Elite promotion as they continue doing what they’ve been doing all along—building their Synergy businesses.

April 2016 Recognition

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Listed below are the names of everyone in Europe who rank advanced in April! Congratulations to our hardworking Team Members who continue to dedicate tremendous time and effort to their Synergy business.

Han Tae Hwang Joins Triple Presidential Ranks

Monday, May 09, 2016

Joining Mark Comer and Yun Tae Hwang in Synergy’s Triple Presidential ranks is Han Tae Hwang of Korea, Yun Tae’s business partner and brother. He is the third Synergy Team Member to earn this prestigious title. Synergy staffs and Team Members all the world applaud Han Tae for this spectacular and monumental achievement.

Though Han Tae has achieved incredible success with Synergy, his journey to success had a rocky beginning. Even though his older brother Yun Tae was experiencing incredible financial success with Synergy, Han Tae politely turned down Yun Tae's recommendation to join Synergy every day for three months. After all, he was preparing to study abroad and wasn't interested in a business opportunity. It wasn’t until Han Tae saw how Synergy's products were helping his brother and father that he quickly changed his answer to an enthusiastic "yes" and he became a Synergy Team Member.

In a short few years, Han Tae saw a drastic change in his life. Previously a financially-strapped student, Han Tae now enjoys the lifestyle he always wanted 20 years earlier than he expected. Han Tae is especially happy about the doors his newfound financial status has opened for his family.

"Since I joined Synergy, I have realized the pleasure of living by the phrase, 'To give is better than to receive,'" he said.

Now, not only does Han Tae have enough money to take care of his family, he also has plenty of time to spend with them in addition to his good health.

"It's a remarkable change," Han Tae said. "The most precious gifts ever given to me are my family first and Synergy next."

Han Tae offers good advice to those getting started as Synergy Team Members: have a definite goal, be reliable, maintain a good attitude, keep putting in the effort, and always care about people.

CLICK HERE to read more about all three of our Triple Presidential Executives.

Summit 2016 Promo Video

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Join Synergy WorldWide September 22-24 in Vienna, Austria, to immerse yourself in this sophisticated city’s legacy. A number of brilliant artists and innovators lived in Vienna, including Maria Theresa, Gustav Klimt, Sigmund Freud, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These historical figures have inspired millions, even billions, with their life’s work, and you have the opportunity to influence countless lives with your life’s work through Synergy WorldWide’s opportunity and products. Your masterpiece begins in Vienna.

May is the last month to register for Summit 2016 at the early bird price of €99. The price goes up to €129 on June 1, so register as soon as possible.

This is the event of the year! Don’t let anyone miss it!

Austria Claims Three Go Elite 10 Bonuses

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 ,

Once again, Synergy Austria is wowing everyone with their Elite Honors successes. Nearly one-third of all the European Team Members who became Elite Honors qualified in April are from Austria. In addition, all three of the individuals who earned the Go Elite 10 bonus are from Austria, including Pearl Executive Franz Friess who has earned the Go Elite 10 bonuses six times since the promotion began.

Now, two of Franz’s partners, Maria Proskovits and Helmut Jelinek, have earned the Go Elite 10 bonus of €1200 for the first time. They have both demonstrated impeccable leadership skills and dedication in order to sponsor 10 Elite Honors qualifiers.

Learn more about ELITE HONORS and GO ELITE


Once Maria realized she could easily sponsor two Elite Honors qualifiers and then four Elite Honors qualifiers, she set a goal to sponsor 10. With the help of her mentor Franz Friess and his expert planning skills, she achieved this goal and is incredibly proud of not only herself, but her team. This is her eighth Elite Honors qualification.

She believes the combination of Elite Honors and the Go Elite promotion creates an ingenious business model that motivates Team Members to define their goals and chase them. With the help of her team and her husband Alois, Maria clearly defined her goals at the beginning of April, which led to their successful completion.

“Elite Honors simplifies the way you build your business,” Maria said. “Synergy WorldWide has such a great earnings model that helps partners, which supports qualifying for Elite Honors.”


Ever since Helmut signed Synergy’s Getting Started form in 2010 and then invest his time into the business in 2011, he has seen his life improve financially and his health improve overall.

It wasn’t until August of 2015 that the concept of Elite Honors and Go Elite was revealed to European Team Members before its official launch. Since then, Helmut has been Elite Honors qualified nine times, which means he has qualified every month. And in his ninth qualification month, he also managed to sponsor ten Elite Honors qualifiers, which earned him the Go Elite 10 bonus.

“Elite Honors is special,” Helmut said. “The success of your partners and customers are strengthened through the simplicity and discipline it teaches.”

Helmut said he and his team have taken the Elite Honors business model seriously and found that it is duplicable and beneficial to all.

“The business structure is stable, the customers enjoy a regular service, and we bring in new customers and partners every month,” he said.

Synergy WorldWide wants to improve the living conditions of all mankind with the Leave a Legacy message, and through Elite Honors, Helmut believes his team is on the road to making this happen.


Wednesday, May 04, 2016

May 31 is the last day to qualify for Team Manager Academy! Will you earn an invitation?

Every summer, a group of Synergy Europe’s elite leaders attend this prestigious event. This year, qualified leaders will head to Telfs, Austria where they will stay at the five-star Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol and enjoy the beautiful summer weather while attending classes and trainings on building better businesses.

This incredible destination, tucked away among the Austrian Alps, fosters an environment where Synergy leaders can teach, learn, connect, and relax next to some of Central Europe’s most breathtaking views and landscapes. This year’s intimate retreat is happening JUNE 16-19. Find out how you can qualify below:


1. Rank advance to Team Manager (14,000 CV) for the first time between June 2015 and May 2016
– OR –
2. As a sponsor, maintain the Team Manager title at least once between June 2015 and May 2016 and have a personally sponsored Team Member qualify for TMA
– OR –
3. Rank advance past your previous highest rank if you attended TMA 2015.

Synergy will pay for meals, accommodations, and activities for one attendee per qualified account. Travel to Team Manager Academy is paid by the qualifier. Qualifiers may bring one guest, but will be responsible to pay for their guest’s attendance. Full details will be disclosed in the Team Manager Academy invitations.


Team Manager Academy features presentations and trainings from members of Synergy’s corporate team, including executives and general managers. Additionally, motivational speakers are invited to share their powerful messages. During this year’s meetings, attendees will be let in on more details for Synergy’s future plans. This exciting knowledge will help distributors prepare themselves and their businesses for what’s to come. These are intimate meetings packed with valuable information that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol is a full service hotel complete with delicious food, a beautiful spa, spacious rooms overlooking the mountain vistas, and a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool. The hotel’s wood detailing gives it an elegant rustic feel that perfectly matches the surrounding mountains.

3. FUN
Every year, Team Manager Academy hosts interactive events where attendees can connect, laugh, and show off their skills. This year’s activities have never been done before at a Team Manager Academy! Team Manager Academy also boasts delicious lunches and dinners, which are the perfect setting to create lasting friendships with Europe’s top leaders.

We hope to see many first-time and returning qualifiers at Team Manager Academy 2016! CLICK HERE to learn more about Team Manager Academy.