Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Due to the massive success of the March tour, Presidential Executive Paul Blad and Emerald Executive Bart Woodcook are back touring in April, to continue to drive the Synergy vision and success of Team Member’s businesses!

These meetings are business meetings for existing team members but you are also encouraged to invite any prospective business builders to learn about the Synergy opportunity. Synergy WorldWide is embarking on a new vision to help Team Members grow their business, and receive the financial rewards, quicker than every before so there has never been a better time to speak to your prospective business partners and introduce them to Paul and Bart.

Be sure to mark your calendars and plan on being at one or more tour dates….


Monday 11th, 7.00pm
Warwick Hilton

Tuesday 12th, 7.00pm
Worsley Novotel

Wednesday 13th, 7.00pm
Park Inn, Heathrow

For more information contact Rob Lord: robl@synergyworldwide.com

Synergy WorldWide

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