Irish Team Member Niamh O'Brien claims Team Leader title!

How were you introduced to Synergy and what attracted you?

I was at a business meeting a couple of years ago and one of the participants was talking about Synergy and how it was the first time he was willing to put his professional name behind any product. I was immediately intrigued as I had crossed paths with this man previously in other health and business circles and was aware of his thorough professional manner with regard to everything in life.

At the time the biggest attraction was the quality of the products and how I could incorporate the V3 into my Acupuncture clinic. I went to many meetings in the early months with my list of nutritional questions. All were answered beyond my expectations and from that day to the present, Synergy, in all aspects, has continued to impress me.

Which is your favourite product and why?

I think in relation to my work, Mistify has a particular appeal. With many sports injuries, I have to work quite deeply on the tissues of the body and if there are too many people who need deep tissue work in any given week, my wrist and thumb joints can complain. Mistify is my savior here as 60mls extra before bed will bring any inflammation down by the morning.

What is a typical day for you when you are building your business?

Only yesterday I spent four hours with one of my downline team in Starbucks. Over lunch & coffee we discussed the compensation plan as well as many other common interests.
We both noted how we had just passed half a “working day” and yet not for a minute did we feel we were at work! I think that’s the real wealth of Synergy at times – how you can spend an average Friday afternoon at work and enjoy every moment of it. And yes, this would be a typical day!

How many hours do you work it each week?

I average about 15 hours each week. That includes everything from leader calls & meetings to downline members calling me with questions.

What would you say has been the biggest factor in your success so far?

There have been two factors, or more correctly, influences. My sponsor Keith Robinson and my immediate upline Mandy Blaney.They have been two rocks in my journey to Team Leader. They hold nothing but pure belief as to the direction Synergy is going! They’ve helped me develop the belief in myself to the deep level that is needed to realise the dream. It has made an incredible impact.

In addition, I’ve also been very lucky with some of the people who have come into my downline. These people share very similar mindsets and interests and we meet up together at many events and trainings. I guess this is what is meant by choosing those you would like to work with, i.e. those whose company you enjoy outside of Synergy.

Who has helped and supported you in building your business?

Again, credit here to Keith Robinson and Mandy Blaney who have guided me all the way.  Any new member coming into my business are immediately aware of the team support when Keith and Mandy both contact them shortly after they register. Keith has travelled from the country to Dublin just to carry out a screening for one of my team members alone. His dedication and commitment to Synergy is phenomenal. There’s no getting away from positivity when talking with Mandy. If there was any day when momentum seemed flat or little things were weighing on my mind, Mandy would dispel any negativity and reset my thinking!  Her passion is infectious. I must also mention our Western European General Manager here, Rob Lord. His decisive, yet gentle manner in dealing with every request makes him not only professional and supportive but one of the strongest managers in Synergy I’ve no doubt.

What key activities do you regularly engage in to help your team members and to grow your business?

Because many of my team share similar thinking, we often attend many interesting events and evenings together such as an evening with an inspirational speaker or a raw food demonstration. These serve to build great rapport and create environments for new ideas to be expressed. For any of my downline living overseas I regularly keep in Skype contact.

What goals have you reached so far and which ones are you working towards at the moment?

Having reached Team Leader and held it for a consecutive month to qualify for TMA in Austria, I now have my sights set on Team Manager. I plan to achieve this by helping two people in my organisation (who have particular potential) to rank advance to Team Leader. I see this happening with the help of the Synergy Ireland Academy which has recently been established. I’m surrounded by so many amazing colleagues, each with a very unique skill-set. This Irish group is so strong now I sometimes compare the Team to X-Men! I’m excited to see how Ireland grows over the next year as this Academy grows from strength to strength!  

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone new joining Synergy, what would you tell them?

Promise you won’t give up until you hit Team Leader! Only then make a decision on Synergy as a long-term business plan. At that point it will be a very easy decision! It can take a little bit of time to lay the foundations and find the right people to work with but when you do, it’s a magical journey of fun, excitement, activity, travel, growth and expansion. The way we should be living I’ve no doubt!

I think it’s highly important in the journey from Star to Team Leader to make time every day for developing a positive mindset – whether it’s a book, a mediation, a visualisation or talking to one of your upline who always makes you feel encouraged.

“There will always be little hurdles on the way to the top”. Great advice from my sponsor Keith Robinson and one I always remember which immediately shifts perspective!  We’ve been programmed to be reactive in life, but by being visionary and believing, all the little hurdles will remain just that….little!



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